2nd Half Of Pregnancy Favorites

by - September 27, 2016


I have compiled a part 2 list of some of my favorite things that helped  me cope with the 2nd half of pregnancy. Some of these items have conquered cravings, relieved aching pregnancy pains, and relaxed hormonal breakdowns. I hope the products on this list help you overcome the bigger half of pregnancy, as they did for me. So lets get started!

First and foremost my 2nd half of pregnancy took place in the summer time so some of these items may or may not fit you based on your pregnancy timeline.

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Motherhood1. Air Conditioner Being in the second haul of my pregnancy journey I was already uncomfortable enough. I did not want the heat to add to my discomfort. Use, buy, or borrow an A/C is what I recommend. It literally saved my sanity.

2. Root Beer Now this may be common sense but it is so important to stay hydrated, expecially during pregnancy. I drank 6-8 bottles of water a day, but water can get boring quick. I have never been much for soda I have always enjoyed juices, teas, and water. However during my pregnancy I craved root beer and cream soda, even though it gave me terrible heartburn. I restricted my self during my pregnancy but never did I deny my cravings. If I wanted a soda I would have one glass. If I wanted an ice cream I would have a small dish. Just like outside of pregnancy I don't indulge in unhealthy treats, but I do curb a craving them from time to time.

I waited thinking I wasn't going to need them and in reality I could have gotten by. However, when your clothing fits your body it is so much more comfortable. If I could do it over again I wouldn't wait to purchase my maternity wear. I shopped at H&M in their sale section and got some amazing deals on some very versatile pieces. 

Due to my move from Ohio to Nevada I had to get some new furniture. The main piece being a bed. I looked high and low before I decided on the greatest thing to ever touch my body, my Spa Sensations Black Lable 12 inch memory foam mattress!! It has relieved so many pressures in my back and and position I'm in I am always comfortable. Coming from a normal spring mattress to this heavenly dream of compacted layers of various types of foam specially designed to comfort my body, has been a blessing. I even got it for a great price at Walmart. Link is below

5. Babies R Us Baby Must Have Check List 
During the planning of my registry I received a gift bag filled with all kinds of really incredible goodies. (I highly recommend registering here just for the goodie bag if nothing else) inside the bag was a baby check list. It was the first I had seen that was straight to the point, with no added bs. What you really need.. the baby basics. And that's what I wanted to see. Becoming a first time mother is overwhelming enough, without companies convincing you that you need something when you don't. I liked that this check list kept it simple and if I wanted extras for my baby I could purchase them on my own will.

6. Chiropractor  I don't know about any of you, but for me carrying around the extra frontal weight really has done a number on my back. After my first appointment I felt instant relief. I highly suggest scheduling an appointment with a chiropractor near you if your pregnancy is causing aching back or neck pains. I suffer from a previous accident also so the end of my pregnancy I really struggled.

7. Parenthood Classes I stumbled upon these while researching the hospital in town after my move. They opened my eyes to so many different aspects of labor and delivery, breastfeeding, newborn care and more. They were an incredible source of information and even introduced me to other mommy's to be.

I know I have ranted and raved about this company in some recent posts but they have just made my life so simple. Harsh chemicals are dangerous during pregnancy and newborns. Their cleaning and home products are plant based and eco friendly. Accompanying the "Home Essentials Bundle" I also subscribed to the "Diaper Bundle". All their products lack harsh chemicals, dyes, and arrive monthly. Being a first time mom I don't know how many diapers I'll go through, so this monthly prepared package takes out the guess work. It's also one less thing I have to run out of the house for with a newborn. I am all about the conveniences in life, and the prices are very reasonable.


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