Week 36... Baby Watch 2016

by - August 31, 2016

I had another appointment with Dr. Beale this week. This is now a weekly thing until I go into labor. Which from what the doc says could be anytime now. Baby watch has officially commenced. I have had my spurts of freak outs but I am starting to calm down and trying to keep my anxiety at bay. Michael has all of a sudden sparked some interest. He is no longer going out in the field or to Bryce Valley until after Milo's arrival. He says he wants to be there. Help me through the process and be there for his son. Maybe someone knocked some sense into him on his last trip south, or maybe he finally grew up and realized it was time to stop being a selfish jackass. Who knows, but whatever it is that's behind this 180 turn around I'll take it. I have been getting so nervous about going through labor and delivery alone. Now I'm not getting my hopes up that he will all of a sudden turn into a white knight, but maybe he will be a little helpful and supportive. If he is not helpful or just making the situation worse I will not be shy about kicking him out. 

This week's parenting class was all about breastfeeding. Now, I know, I don't want to do formula if I don't have too. However, I'm unsure about breastfeeding. Some say it's a joyful bonding experience with the baby, but I am unsure about it. The idea of my son suckling and fondling my breasts weirds me out. Before I knew they were free through many insurance plans, I ordered a breast pump. The Evenflo electric double pump with the accessories. I assume pumping will be easier even if only part time. Gives Michael a chance to feed and bond with Milo as well. I can also store milk in the fridge and freezer. This could be ultra helpful for those long trips to grandmas house. The holidays are just around the corner. Michael being able to feed the baby also could free up time for me to nap, shower etc. We will have to wait and see. I feel like so many things will change once he is here. I may feel completely different about many of the opinions I have now.

The last of my baby packages have arrived as well. I think we are finally ready. If nothing else we have the basics and other things will come as we go, I am sure. Some last minute baby gifts are still spontaneously arriving, but besides that everything I have ordered is here. It makes me kinda sad because I have been looking forward to the deliveries, but it is much more relaxing to finally be settled. I also have packed my hospital and diaper bags. They are in the living room ready for the big day. Michael ofcourse refuses to pack a bag so I stuffed some things for him in mine. I swear sometimes I don't know what he would do without me.

I have signed up for some honest company bundles. I figure with having a new baby and winter just around the corner I'm not going to want to go out much. These bundles are actually priced fairly well for the large amount of things you get. May even be cheaper than purchasing from a department store. We are signed up for the diaper bundle and home essentials. I decided to go with both because the home products are all plant based, chemical free, and pH balanced. I assume if I can't be around harsh cleaners and chemicals while I'm pregnant they must not be good for babies either. The diapers and wipes are also really durable and soft. I ordered all the boyish autumn prints and they are just adorable. I can't wait to actually start using them to see how they really hold up. The reviews are good though. People seem to love them. I like that they don't have any harsh chemicals or chlorine in them either. I'm sure that will reduce the chances of sensitivity, rashes, and allergic reactions.
I have been experiencing more pains and butt loads of pressure this week as well. (Literally) Nothing quite on the list of hospital worthy symptoms but I can tell that time is coming. For weeks I have had pressure down under anytime I toss, turn over or go to stand up. Lately though it has been more intense. This I am assuming is from Milo lowering in his position. Dr. Beale did say that he is head down and is nice and low. Apparently, preparing himself. Also I am adding lower back pains, nausea, dizziness, exhaustion, hot flashes and cramps to the list. They have been expecially bad the past couple days. Luckily my doctor called me, after I was unable to get a hold of them, to tell me my previous ob, Dr. Funk, didn't run a bunch of necessary prenatal tests while he was my physician. I knew I didn't like that practice. He never tested me for RH, Anima I believe. Something that can put the baby in major risk. Along with some other things. I told them about the new symptoms I have been experiencing and they sent me to the hospital for testing. I'm now on bed rest and may be seeing Dr. Beale sooner than my scheduled appointment this week. It's going to be hard to not do anything. I'm already being driven crazy with cabin fever as it is, let alone now not being able to do the activities that keep me busy throughout the day. Some people would love the chance to rest and relax, but my anxious mind likes to stay busy. Now I am bound to the sofa and my bed like a hostage...
If you would also like to try The Honest Company home and baby bundles use my referral link below for added discounts. As always let me know what you think! 

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