Week 29... Poison Control Say Whaaattt?

by - July 12, 2016

Not much has happened since my last update. Micheal went and signed the paper work for our apartment. Which is super exciting. The only thing left for me to do is contact the utility companies to get everything set up before he moves in. With him already being out there he will move in before I will. I also made a list on a retail app I downloaded on my tablet for the home goods and furniture we'll eventually need. So now whenever we are ready to buy pieces, I just have to click "add to cart". Bam done! I am all about making things easy. I am also so ready to move. I am at my wits end with all the cigarette smoke and animals at my moms. Neither has been good for me or the baby. I have done my best, the limited time I have been here, to stay in my room or not be here at all. Irritation is just something I have been experiencing more since my pregnancy. Little things agitate me more than normal, and my hormones even drive me nuts sometimes. I am just in need of some relaxation, along with some actual peace and quite. It's been so hard for me to sleep, so I am looking forward to recharging my batteries. Michael works so much it will practically be like living alone. Just with an extra setting at the dinner table and additional loads of laundry. I'm pretty much packed in my anticipation. I'm not patient, so this waiting for my baby shower and to hit the road on my road trip back west is killing me.

Recently, I have been craving soda. Not something I typically drink. I'm a water and juice girl all the way. So from time to time I've been swinging by the fuel station and picking up a fountain drink. Root beer has been my weakness, and it has not been very kind. Every time I drink one I get the worst heart burn. My chest feels really heavy, filled with pressure and it's painful when I breathe or yawn. Lately, if yawning was a sport I would letter with all the pins and receive a full scholarship to any college I desire. I am completely exhausted. So it's been pretty painful mixed with the heart burn. You are probably thinking, if it hurts stop drinking it, well you try being pregnant! It's not always so easy to say no to these cravings, and they pop up completely out of the blue too. Once I was driving down the road and all of a sudden I wanted one of those Hershey pies from Burger King, took all the will power I had not to stop. It's been three days and I have not been able to get that slice of chocolaty goodness out of my head. So, today I finally stopped and got one. Let me tell you, it was every bit as good as I imagined. Totally worth it.

It's also starting to get harder getting in and out of my car and bed. My belly is hard as a rock and when I twist and turn I get these straining pains. Of course, once again, I called my doctor's nurse line and they said that this too is completely normal. I have been looking up all kinds of baby related things online and I have to say I don't really recommend it. I stayed up till four am the other night in an Internet worm hole. What started out as a pinterest session looking at baby tips, free samples, and must have items quickly took a dark turn into safety, suffocation, choking hazzards, SIDS and infant mortality. If you have questions about newborns, delivery, or illnesses/diseases write them down and ask your doctor. I worked myself up to the verge of tears reading everything that can harm an infant. Just like a Google diagnosis of a paper cut always leads to your imminent death, it's the same with babies. Obviously you want to be as Informed as possible. Expecially, if you are a first time mother like me, but the internet is not always the best place for that. I have been looking into classes that cover newborns, labor and delivery, breastfeeding, cpr, child proofing and various other topics, to attend when I get to Elko. Most hospitals or practices offer these classes and they will be covered by your health care or if not only require a small fee. These people are professionals and have either worked with babies or had their own for years. The internet is often times filled with opinions, and isn't always the most reliable source for information when it comes to topics such as these.

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