Week 24... Miles on Miles

by - June 09, 2016

This week I am writing to you from the airport. This post is a little late. I have been busy with last minute errands and getting ready for my trip. I still have not heard from the store owner. The police called me in for some questions and a statement. I will more than likely have to testify in court. One good thing is they said I could do my testimony virtually from Salt Lake. So that's good. I don't particularly plan on making a bunch of trips back to Ohio, especially with a new baby. Hopefully, this case doesn't get drug on and on. (No pun intended) It is going federal due to his "activities" crossing state lines. That means the FBI! As much as I wish this wasn't happening in my life right now. It would be cool to talk to a real FBI agent. I just hope they recover everything soon and I can get my company's products back. The police promised that they would give me my property once the items were recovered. We shall see.

Also, this week was my dreaded glucose test with Dr. Funk. It actually turned out to not be sooo bad. Obviously, who is a fan of blood work. However, the drink was not terrible. Not as bad as others have made it out to seem. I received my results today too. The test came back a 95, the nurse told me. Like I'm supposed to know what that means. My response to her was "do I have it or not?" I do not!! Surprisingly this pregnancy has been super easy. Besides my food aversions which I firmly believe we're brought on by my mother's lifestyle, since I have been staying with her. I have not had many problems. No gestational diabetes, morning sickness, bleeding etc. Pretty easy so far. I'm keeping my figures crossed labor will be the same, but I feel like all this good luck may catch up to me.

One sad thing I may have to get over is possibly not having a baby shower. Michael wants me to move asap, not like I don't, but Beth has been so kind. She wants to put together my whole baby shower and she is allowing me to plan it with her so it's just the way I want it. No one has ever done something so kind for me, wanting nothing in return. With everything else in my life, outside of my pregnancy, constantly throwing me curve balls. I want one thing to be normal. I just want to have a nice shower. To open presents, eat good food, and just spend time with nice people, before I leave. Nothing about me or this pregnancy has been celebrated, and I'm hoping this will be my chance. I won't know anything about a move date till after this weekend though. It does make sense to move as soon as I can. It's not like I want to be at my moms, and she has proven she doesn't want me there. I need time to find a new doctor and Michael wants to be involved as much as he can. It takes time to get used to the new area. Plus we still have to prepare for Milo's arrival... Everything happens for a reason so I'm going to continue looking on the bright side of things.

Sitting here I realized I forgot my notebook... The notebook that had the list of doctors and apartments I wanted to check out this weekend... I am leveling up my pregnancy brain on a daily basis these days. Oh boy oh boy I worked so hard on being prepared. Well my flight is being called. Wish me luck!

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