by - February 03, 2016

Hello Ladies!

I don't know how many of you have opened a pregnancy book or read the online websites, but what are they hiding? Are these authors leaving out the reality of this life changing journey on purpose? They can't honestly be afraid of people not getting pregnant if they know the truth, can they? Well here's the truth about pregnancy... or at least what it is like for me. I will be dishing out all of the nauseatingly terrible and simply perfect experiences I encounter over the entirety of my pregnancy. I raise my hand and solemnly swear to not to hold anything back. I am not a mother already, so I will be sharing all of my firsts. Also, I'm not one of those ladies who will sit there and tell you how amazing and beautiful every moment is... because it's not. At least so far.

Some back round about who I am:
I never thought I was a kid person. My friends used to tell me I had a condition they cleverly named CBS.(Crying Baby Syndrome) Every time, without a doubt, I would hold a baby it would cry. I was the kind of person who calls a baby "it" for Christ sake's. If a hostess tried sitting me next to a family with a baby, I would request to move tables. I hated going to kids birthday parties. They seem to always be sticky, like they constantly have jam hands. I have never been a fan of runny noses, being coughed on, or the fact that kids put everything, no matter where it's been in their mouths. And I definitely did not plan this.

Not that my thoughts over the past year or so haven't shifted, they have. It was like the thoughts in my mind were speaking a foreign language. There were and still are so many things I want to do with my life. However, the idea of having a husband and a family seemed more and more... comforting. I don't have much of a family of my own and have always craved that love. I figured I would meet an amazing guy one day, fall in love, travel the world, have a fabulous wedding, and settle down somewhere beautiful. Then after the ring was on my finger, the house was finished, my business was booming, we could think about starting a family. 
Well sweetheart, this funny thing called life has a funny way of throwing your plans right out the window. So instead of my fairy tale coming true, and with my relationship track record it was a long shot any way, I get the most unromantic night of my life. Two sheets to the wind on a $13.00 box of wine, and a stubbornly attractive maintenance man, Michael a guy I recently began seeing, is how this became my fairy tale 2.0.

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