German Shepherds Make Great Family Dogs. Here's Why

by - September 25, 2019

German shepherd dogs are perhaps the most terrifying breed that you can buy. Their powerful jaws and large size make them potentially lethal. Fortunately, while they might look scary, they’re not. German shepherd dogs are actually much more peaceful than most people realize, making them an ideal family pet. Here’s why parents and children alike love them. 

They Need 30 Minutes Of Activity Per Day

German shepherds were bred to be working dogs. Farmers could use them to coax their livestock and use them as tools for herding. German shepherds, therefore, were bred for their high energy levels. Farmers needed dogs that could be on their feet all day. 

The same is true today of the German shepherd you can buy from the store or rescue from the kennels. These dogs need a lot of activity to keep them happy.

Why is this a good thing for families? The reason is that it helps keep everyone active. Your dog needs a daily walk which is a great way to get family members out of the house and moving. 

They Can Adapt To Practically Any Lifestyle

No two families are the same. Some people live in the middle of big cities while others live on farms out in the wilderness. The great thing about German shepherds is that they can adapt to practically any living environment. German shepherds can be happy in a small home just as they can on a large ranch, so long as they get regular walkies. 

If your family has an unusual lifestyle, then a German shepherd might be the perfect breed. You can keep them indoors or leave them outside in the doghouse if you have the right climate. With the right German shepherd doghouse information, you can create the perfect living situation for your pooch. 

They Make Great Companions

While German shepherd dogs might be one of the most intimidating dogs for those outside their clan, they can be among the most loving towards those who are inside it. German shepherds are famously friendly and affection to people in their inner circle. They’re sweet, friendly, and won’t ever let you down. 

Because of this, they make great companions. Owners love the fact that their German shepherd dogs will stick by them no matter what. German shepherds will make friends with children just as readily as adults and provide kids with company at home as they grow up. 

They’re Excellent Guard Dogs

While German shepherds were bred for life on the farm, they make exceptional guard dogs. German shepherds, like many dogs, have an extraordinary ability to identify people who are in their pack, and those who aren’t. 

Protecting the family from intruders is essential. Dogs have a natural sense of where your territory begins and where it ends. They’re able to raise the alarm if somebody is walking onto your property, even if it’s the mailman. German shepherds are great for deterring criminals because of their sheer size and reputation as police dogs. 

They’re Great Learners

When you run a busy family, you need a pooch that’ll follow your commands to the letter. The last thing you want is both unruly kids and dogs running wild. 

German shepherds, sometimes called alsatians, are fabulous learners. The reason for this is how farmers used them in the past. German shepherds had to be able to follow instructions and remember particular calls. If they couldn’t do the basics, then they weren’t much use to their owners. 

Families stand to benefit from this legacy. It’s actually straightforward to train a German shepherd. And because of this, it’s also much easier to control problem behaviors. German shepherds, like other dogs, can sometimes do things that you don’t want, like chew the furniture. But because of their sensitivity to their environment, it’s much easier than otherwise to train them not to do this. Simple reinforcement can work wonders and get them to do what you want them to do — their ability to learn means that you can teach them relatively sophisticated calls. 

They Respect Their Owners

German shepherd dogs have a particularly good relationship with their owners. Some dogs can take liberties and be mischievous sometimes. They’re not trying to irritate or annoy their owners, but they don’t always know their place in the family, and that can be a problem. Dogs need to understand the hierarchy to live peacefully alongside everyone else. Not all dogs are good at that. 

The great thing about German shepherd dogs is that they do have this ability. German shepherds are great at living amicably with their owners. It’s rare for this breed to behave in an unruly way around the home. It’s just not in their nature. German shepherds are intelligent social animals and learn fast who is in control of the situation. This fact makes them fabulous family pets, able to form healthy relationships with both parents and kids alike. 

Are You Planning On Buying A German Shepherd?

If you’re planning on buying or rescuing a German shepherd, it’s important to be diligent. German shepherds, like all dogs, are potentially dangerous and should be kept with caution. 

German shepherd puppies need to be socialized from an early age. They need to understand who’s boss and the pecking order. When dogs grow up, they need daily exercise, meaning that you have to have time available for taking them on long walks. If you don’t do this regularly, then they may become stressed or highly strung and begin causing problems around the house. 

Not all German shepherd dogs are equally bred. Reputable breeders will always choose to breed dogs with desirable personality traits, but bad breeders don’t. Poor breeding practices can often lead dogs to become nervous, making them a poor choice of pet. 

Finally, it’s worth noting that German shepherds are shedding dogs. This means that they shed their fur heavily around twice per year, replacing it with a new one. They also shed to a lesser extent throughout the year to keep their coat in good condition. You may, therefore, find yourself doing extra vacuuming. 

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