Practical Tips for a Successful Holiday

by - August 29, 2019

What do you consider to be a successful holiday? Some people consider any holiday to be a success as long as you have a good time, while others have a list of goals in mind such as visiting certain locations and getting the most out of their time. However, we believe that a successful holiday is one that ticks all the boxes at an affordable price, so here are a couple of practical tips on how you can ensure that your holiday goes well.

Plan, plan, plan

Going to a country you’re unfamiliar with and not having a plan is probably the worst idea even if you’re an adventurous backpacker. If you’re serious about your holiday then it’s important to plan ahead for events, accommodation, your budget, picking the right time and also meeting up with friends or family members. We explain more of these ideas below, but the general idea is to make sure that you don’t miss a single thing. There’s no such thing as over planning for a holiday (unless you try to fit a dozen things to do each day) but feel free to have a loose schedule so you have time to explore.

Pick the right months to go

Whether it’s choosing the cheapest time of the year to visit Japan or Googling questions like “when should I visit Galapagos”, it’s vital that you pick the right time to go to make the most out of your holiday. Ticket prices can vary a huge amount if you make sure you choose the right time to visit and there are certain attractions, such as wildlife viewing, that can be extremely different if you manage to pick the right time to do it. For instance, the Great Migration in Africa sees millions of wildebeest moving through various national parks and picking the right time will ensure that you get to see it happening in front of your eyes. Similarly, areas like Japan have popular events such as cherry blossom viewing which is best done in April.

Give yourself more time

If you only listen to a single tip in this list then this has to be it. Always make sure that you give yourself time between transfers. Whether it’s giving yourself an extra hour before you hop on a coach or giving yourself an extra day to account for jet lag, it’s incredibly useful (and safer) to always plan a bit of extra leeway.

Budget realistically

Do your research when you budget to ensure that it’s a holiday you can afford. If your holiday makes you feel like you’re overspending then it’s probably not a great idea and you should cut down on certain expenses, subtract a day from your holiday or look for more budget options such as cheaper accommodation or food. Remember to set yourself a daily budget to use in the country as well to make sure that you’re not going to run out of money when you arrive and consider the costs of necessities such as travel.

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