Feeling Anxious? Solutions To Feel Better Immediately

by - July 25, 2019

Feeling anxious can range from mild to severe, but whatever the case, it isn't a nice feeling. Symptoms of anxiety can be a fast beating heart, confusion, being scared for an unknown reason, sweating, and even being sick. Everybody experiences it differently, and some attacks can be worse than others. Below, you’ll find a few solutions to help you feel better immediately. If you’re having a full blown panic attack, it should pass within 20 minutes. If it doesn't, you may need to seek medical attention. 

Start Taking Deep Breaths
Start taking deep, slow breaths. Don’t forget to count to make sure they are doing what they should be. The 7/11 breathing technique can really help - you breathe in for 7 seconds and out for 11 seconds. Just keep practicing this until you’re more and less hitting the correct seconds. 

Be Mindful of What’s Going On 
You know you’re having a bout of anxiety, so stay mindful. This has likely happened before, and you know you’re not dying. These feelings will pass soon. 

Think Of Something Happy 
Think of something that makes you happy if you can. Maybe you can look at pictures of a beloved pet. 

Follow The 333 Rule
Find and name 3 things you can see, and 3 things you can hear. Then, move 3 parts of your body. This is a mental trick that many people report brings them back to the moment and helps them to clear their mind. 

Clear Out Your Environment 
Sometimes, clutter can add to the feelings of anxiety. Not only that, clearing things out could potentially help you to focus on something other than the anxiety and feel better. 

You might not feel like leaving the house, but you can get a little exercise wherever you are. Jameela Jamil likes to put on silly exercise/dance videos and copy the moves. She says it helps to relieve stress and gives her some exercise. You could try that, or you could simply do some jumping jacks, or whatever you feel like doing. See if you can expend some of that nervous energy. If you can get into a good routine with exercise, you should find it helps feelings of anxiety over time, too. 

Focus On What You’re Putting Into Your Body
If you’re feeling anxious, you should focus on what you’re putting into your body. Drink some water, and say no to caffeine. Coffee and even tea with small amounts of caffeine could make you feel worse by giving you heart palpitations. You could consider taking some vitamins or supplements from a place like Green Grove. These supplements usually have a holistic approach to health, so as well as helping anxiety they may also help issues like arthritis and inflammation. Over time, you should find your health improves as well as your mindset. 

The last thing you’re probably thinking of doing is laughing, but why not put on a favorite episode of a sitcom, or watch dogs doing funny things on YouTube? Something like this could give you something else to focus on and ensure you start to feel better.

Anxiety can feel like the end of the world, but the above ideas could help you to relieve some symptoms fast. 

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