Why Conservatories Are The Best Relaxation Haven

by - June 17, 2019

We all know that the garden is one of the best places we can go to relax. After a long hard day you can just walk outside in the fresh air, have some time to yourself, listen to the birds, watch the insects and bugs go about their business and generally just relax. It's not always going to be a place you can just walk into though. The rain and wind will not allow you to stand in comfort to enjoy your own garden. So what could allow you to stand be more connected with your garden and also give you a place to come and relax whenever you feel like you’re about to explode from the stress? A veranda is a great but again, you’ll be in the outside and you will be a sitting duck for the elements. Sure a veranda does give you shelter but not enough. A conservatory is the best of both worlds because it gives you shelter but you’re not hidden from your garden. It's also, not quite the normal home either, so it's a kind of purgatory where it can be it's own place of relaxation and quiet. Still not convinced? Then here’s what a conservatory can offer your home.

Treat it less formally

A conservatory is many things, but one it is not is the living room, the lounge or the kitchen. It's a totally different room which plays a completely different role in your home. It's not to be taken so seriously and formal. For example, you might make it a rule to never put your bare feet on the leather sofa in the living room. This means you keep the sofa looking good so when guests come over they are impressed with the quality. However you’re never relaxed and never feel like you can sit or lie however you want to while being in your own home. A conservatory is the opposite. Here you can lie down, put your feet up or curl up on the seat however you wish.

Why is this possible? Well, a conservatory still uses contemporary garden furniture. Seats and sofas that are made from wicker are very popular. However cushioned seats made from foam, wood and cotton are also highly regarded as the best kinds as they last long but they are comfortable enough to take a nap in. The coffee tables are also very relaxed in their design too. Much like a patio coffee table, they can be made out of wood with glass surfaces if you wish. Simple yet effective seating is one of the pluses of the conservatory because it's not that expensive but you get comfortable furniture to laze around in.

Part of the garden

Don’t forget that you want to be part of the garden as much as possible in your conservatory, without actually being outside. So your window choice is going to be crucial. You don’t want too much of your vision blocked as you want to be immersed in the outdoors and watch the wildlife that comes to visit your garden. The double hung style can be your replacement windows in a conservatory as these can withstand force from strong winds but also provide a great amount of vision to the outside. They are also very easy to adjust as they simply move up and down, without any moving parts that you need to operate like a handle or a swivel knob.

Seeing as you’re trying to disassociate from the home itself and try to be a bit more connected with the garden, you should have stone or brick conservatory flooring. So much cheaper than wooden flooring and easier to clean tile flooring as well. Stone flooring is the strongest as well if you happen to have a heavy foot, you don’t be cracking the floor while coming and going from the conservatory into the garden. Children can use it as a place to have a rest from playing their games with their dirty shoes and not have to worry about dirtying the carpet inside the home. Be warned however, as both stone and brick flooring does get cold quite easily in the winter. However both materials do very well in the summer as they absorb heat from the sun that will last multiple hours.

A place for brunch

Conservatories are where you can come to enjoy a nice cold beer or a glass of wine during the summer months. You’re not baking from the sun, you’re still able to see the birds bathing in the fountain outside, you can see the dog and children playing but you’re in a very comfortable chair. You can come into the conservatory when you just want some space and time to yourself to clear your head as well. It's really one of the most versatile additions to any home. One of the best reasons of use for a conservatory is to have some guests over for brunch. On a sunny spring day you can cook your meals in the kitchen and bring them out into the conservatory where your guests can sit around a small dining table to enjoy a meal together.

It's also a great place for having a barbecue. If you have a large family get-together for the weekend, a conservatory can be a place for the adults to sit and catch up while the kids can play outside. You’re not far from the action but you have some privacy and time to yourselves to speak about things that you want to share. You don’t get the children’s way and they don’t get in your’s, it's a very relaxing place observe everyone else.

A conservatory is a great place in which you can come and relax. It's a quiet haven from the rest of the house, where you can enjoy breakfast, lunch and dinner while sat watching the wildlife outside in the garden. The flooring is probably the cheapest of all the things that make a conservatory great because both brick and stone is less costly than wood or tile. The double hung windows are very good at shrugging off strong winds but also allow plenty of sunshine to fall into the room in spring and summer.

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