Creating A Decorating Plan For Your Home

by - June 17, 2019

The moment you decide to decorate is a lot of fun. But suddenly, the overwhelm can set in. Budget issues, a miscalculation on sizes, color clashes, and some Instagram envy. You have to start by visualizing the space as you want it to be. Where does everything go?

Planning is essential to get everything exactly how you like it. And, it’s not always easy either.

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Notebook or Pinterest Board

If you are a lover of the notebook. Putting pen to paper, cutting out magazine articles, sticking in color swatches, and carrying it around with your is a must. You should start with photos of the room as it is. And eventually, end it with pictures of the finished product. It can be a cool reminder of the work you have done. Write down ideas or styles that you might like to try out.

Pinterest is much simpler, you can create a board that has everything that you want. If you are creating a Nordic room, all you will need to do is search for Nordic inspired rooms and add images to your board with a ‘pin it’ button. There is a space when you add a pin, so try to fill that with a little more detail about where you want that item, or of places that stock something similar.


This one is important. For example, if you need your flooring done, but you have started buying rugs and nicknack's beforehand - you’re going to need to store those things. Clutter can be really distracting too. So make a list of what is most important to have done. Look for high-quality flooring options like those from SDA flooring, and likewise for wall coverings and paint. Think of those as the foundation on which the rest of your redecoration will come together.


This one can be tricky. It is better to set your maximum budget before you begin your project. That way, when you are considering larger pieces of furniture or beautiful fittings, you will see straight away if you can comfortably afford them. Since you have your priority list ready, you can allocate a percentage of the budget for each one. And always remember that sometimes it is cheaper to up cycle what you currently have, and that takes a lot less cash.


Now you know what pieces you want and where you can use a pinboard to make a mock-up of the room. It doesn’t have to be perfect, but it will help you work out if you really love that square coffee table as much as you thought you did. When you have made firm decisions remove the pins, and use tape to stick the photos or colors down. Use this as the confirmation method.


The most significant issue people have when redecorating is they try to do it all in one weekend. But, if you can let yourself take your time to get it perfect. Don’t rush to collect smaller trinkets and soft furnishings, take the time to curate the room - exactly how you want it.

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