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by - May 01, 2019

On a recent episode of the Emma Dawn Podcast I had the pleasure of introducing you all to an inspiration of mine, Author of the Brave Art of Motherhood, Rachel Marie Martin. She has been a single mom to 7 for the past seven years and was recently on the Today Show sharing her experiences and the backstory behind her newly released book The Brave Art of Motherhood pictured above. You can always find her on www.findingjoy.net along with her current projects and events. In this special guest episode she discusses entrepreneurship, motherhood, time management and prioritizing daily tasks. Relieving motherhood burnout and breaking our busy.

The Emma Dawn Podcast is all about finding fulfillment, mental health, and building a flexible lifestyle dedicated to ourselves and our families. Motherhood is a full time commitment and a lot of long nights and hard work. Though, often times driven, motivated, woman can feel unfulfilled if they are not connecting with a passion or working towards a personal goal.

For centuries woman didn't work at all and were completely dedicated to their families and organizing a home life. Now that the playing field in the workforce is becoming more level and woman are finding their place in the world as workers, business heads, and entrepreneurs the overwhelming lack of fulfillment when entering into the journey of motherhood is all so real. I have been noticing a shift in the roles of woman as I study history, current status, and "people watching" my peers.

Woman are driven! We have goals and passions. We have a desire for independence and an eagerness to build something for ourselves. In today's world we as woman no longer have to choose a career or a family. With the help of modern technology and a little creative thinking we can live fully fulfilled lives dedicated to our children and striving towards our goals. In my podcast I, along with special guest speakers, discuss motivational topics focused around living a flexible fulfilled life as women and mothers. Tune in every Monday morning for motivational moments to kick start your week and get your head in the right space.

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