When Was The Last Time You Loved Yourself?

by - April 05, 2019

‘Feeling yourself,’ as it were, is perhaps one of the most wonderful yet rare things any of us can hope to achieve. At least, it feels that way. We often find love in other people, in caring for those we dearly complete us. But sometimes, we can forget about number one. It’s not hard to do this. If you have children, you likely consider themselves above you in terms of safety prioritization. That’s a pretty natural feeling, and justifiable. It might be that we treat our partner better than we treat ourselves, even if we both make a similar mistake.

This post will not intend to lecture you on how to be a better mother, employee, hobbyist, or career. You likely have that down much more than you give yourself credit for. Instead, we’re going to try and help you care about yourself, and why you are important. A little extra care for yourself can potentially help you feel like your best self, and if you’re your best self, everyone else will always benefit as a result. So in a strange way, caring for yourself is one of the most selfless things you can do.

Let us begin:

Are You Doing Okay?

This can be a question that you often ask others who seem a little down. But have you ever stood in front of the mirror and asked it to yourself? Yes, we mean out loud, as crazy as that might seem. Go on, try it. Are you doing okay? Simply the effort of objectively saying it brings that out into the world, and leads you to respond, even if mentally. You’ll likely have your natural thoughts tell you if you’re doing okay. Consider what comes to mind. It might be that something is stressing you out. You’ll find your mind immediately heads to that issue. But you might also be surprised that despite all your challenges, you are actually doing okay. This simple act of asking yourself, no matter what the answer to this is, is an act of love. It might even inspire action. But first, the question should be asked.

How Might You Help Yourself?

What do you need help with right now? Could you be the person to initiate it, as you might wish another would? For example, do you need help with sleep? Emotional wellness? Getting over something difficult that you have experienced? Trying to stand up for yourself more? Perhaps working on being more articulate and healthily assertive when you speak? It can all make a difference should you try and engage with practicing it, or finding professional services to help you. But you might need to take that first step.

What Can You Be Proud Of?

There’s likely something you’ve accomplished in the last year or so that you can look back and be proud of. It might not be trophy. Perhaps it was finally telling a toxic partner that it’s over. Perhaps you applied for many jobs, even if they were unsuccessful. Maybe you’ve made progress in the gym. Failing to give yourself credit is the first step to feeling unhappy, so be sure to give yourself space.

With these tips, you’re sure to love yourself appropriately, through action, not words.

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