Things To Consider Before You Buy A Puppy

by - April 18, 2019

They are soft, cute, fluffy and everyone loves them. No, not slippers - puppies!

It might be that you see a sweet little fluffy puppy on the school run, or just while taking a stroll through the park see a fluff bundle and you have decided that you HAVE to have one. But there are a few things you should think about.

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Do You Really Want A Puppy?

Why do you think you want a puppy? Is it the just right now cute factor? Did you have one when you were little and are looking to have a friendship like that again? Puppies grow up, obviously, and yet many people forget to factor the needs of an adult dog into their thought process. So is it a puppy that you want, or a long term friend.

Do You Have The Time?

Puppies need a lot of looking after. You need to ensure you have the time for dog training, walkies, vet appointments, and time to spend just being with them. While they don’t need you 24/7, it is better than you are around a lot. It isn’t a good enough reason to say you are too tired to take them for a walk, or that you can’t be bothered to get up and feed them. You made a commitment to them the minute you took them home - so honor it.


People often don’t add up the potential costs of owning a dog. The early weeks are fun, buying the puppy, picking up new toys and puppy training pads… But they grow up and as they grow so do their health needs. Arthritis, cancer, stomachs flipping over. These things are all possible, and you need to have the budget to cover their veterinary care.

Is It For Now Or Later?

Can you see any significant life changes coming up? Children, house moves, change in working hours. Puppies flourish when there is a set routine that they can work with and understand. If you know that you need to travel a lot soon, or you are just about to have a baby - give yourself a little more time to think things through.


Are you prepared to only book places that your new friend can come with you? Or perhaps you want to pop them in a kennel for a few days. Are you happy with the cost?
Maybe a pet-sitting service would be better. Whatever you do, factor your new pup into all eventualities.

Adopt Or Buy?

There are plenty of puppies and even older dogs that need to find their forever home. So before you rush off to find a puppy from a breeder, stop by a few dog pounds and see if your furry soulmate is awaiting you there instead.

Remember that a dog will be a part of your family, they will look to you for company, for fun, to play and to snuggle with. And you should look to them as the same.

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