The Basics Of Bringing Up A Dog For The First Time

by - March 31, 2019

Most people love dogs, but actually bringing one up is a different story. They might look cute in pictures, but certain responsibilities come with owning a puppy. Much like bringing up a baby, there are rewards, but those rewards come with hard work. If you want a healthy and happy pup then you have to make sure you do your very best to take care of them. That’s about being prepared in terms of your living situation and your finances as well as being prepared on an emotional level. If you know nothing about canine ownership then these are the basics of bringing up a dog for the first time.

Train them well.
Training your dog well needs to be the priority on your list. When you invite them into their household, they’ll have to adjust to their new rules. They need to know their place in the family, and they need to know how to respect your household. Of course, it’s about their comfort as well as yours. You want them to know where they can find their bed, where they go to the toilet, which food is theirs, not to bring their muddy feet into the house, and so on. It’s so important to enforce these rules as soon as possible so that your dog is well-trained and happy in their home. Whether they’re a newborn puppy or an older dog, this level of training is absolutely necessary when a canine is introduced to a new home. After all, you also need to train them well in terms of their relationship with you and your family. This is particularly pressing if you have any young children.

Get the necessary supplies.
It’s also essential to get the necessary supplies for your dog. In much the same way as human beings, dogs have certain domestic needs. They’re no longer wild animals who simply need food and shelter; you have to afford them certain creature comforts. Make sure you get them a comfortable bed, fun chew toys to keep them occupied in the house, and a comfortable lead for dog walks. You might even want to check out rubber dog leashes that are waterproof and long-lasting. You want to make sure you have durable supplies for your dog in order to keep them safe and comfortable.

Give them your time.

Of course, one of the simplest things to remember when bringing up a dog is to simply give them your time. This might be your first time as the owner of a puppy and you might feel a little overwhelmed, but the key is to give your canine affection and attention. Their mental health is just as important as their physical health, and socializing with you will help to keep them happy. Obviously, you need to feed your dog and take them for walks, but your time is the most precious gift you can give them. Make sure you allow them to socialize with other dogs too. This is hugely beneficial to them. Let them play with other dogs on walks.

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