Last Day to register for the Money Making Blogger Course

by - March 10, 2019

If you have been hesitant to register for the Money Making Blogger Course I dare you to just jump in and invest in yourself. I will be coaching you on everything I have learned throughout my journey to making money online.

My Story

When I created my blog I had no idea what I was doing. Sure I was a freelance writer for other blogs and publishings in the past and had a fairly large travel following for a bit, but zero experience when it came to operating, maintaining, and marketing my own website. My blog started out as a personal online journal, I created on a tablet. This was where I posted my story and experiences as I ventured into solo parenthood.

One day, a fellow mother reached out to me and expressed that my blog along with my story was an inspiration to her, and my sharing helped her through some painful times and made her feel not so alone, as she was also a solo parent. That was the very moment I knew I wanted to help people, especially other mothers grow a revenue generated business, from the comforts of home, doing what they love and sharing the things they know. 

Since then I have transformed my tiny mommy blog into a revenue generating, worldly popular, professionally marketed online powerhouse. I now receive emails from brands I admire and New York Times best selling authors to partner on brand deals and exciting and inspiring project collaborations! With this course I want to share with you all the lessons I've learned on my journey to becoming a Money Making Blogger. Giving you the tools and knowledge to skip the twists, turns, and bumps in the road I had to face, getting you right into generating your online profits!

The Course

In this 30 day course you will not only learn everything I have to share with you in order to become a Money Making Blogger, but you will also receive personalized coaching, learn about my four pillars of running a successful blog and be gifted with templates and printables to help manage your time, along with a complete checklist of things to accomplish making sure your blog is in tip top money making order.

Last, but not least, you will forever belong to an exclusive group of like minded, motivated, entrepreneurial individuals. Connections and support that will be priceless as you enter the black hole abyss of the interwebs. Your peers in this course will be so incredibly beneficial when it comes to brainstorming ideas, collaborating on projects in the future, or exchanging posts to grow as a team. Blogging might seem like a solo act, but in reality it takes a village of people believing in each other.

What to Expect
-Interactive Coaching
-Get Partnered with Top Brands
-Media Kit Design
-Build a Professional Image
-Market Online Positively 
-Grow Client Base
-Generate Passive Income

Sign up today! Class starts off with a live video this evening! Don't Miss OUT!

As always don't forget to share and subscribe! Until next time thanks for reading!

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