Fight Colds The Natural Way

by - March 08, 2019

When you’ve had that cough and blocked up nose for weeks and nothing seems to shift it, the last thing you want is to take more pills, more medication, you just want it gone for good.
In this short blog we take a look at some natural infusions you can call in to help shift those sniffles and give your immune system a much-needed boost.

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This versatile plant, which originates from South East Asia, is not only a great cooking ingredient it has real and tangible benefits to your health. If you’ve ever tasted it in its rawest form, you’ll understand why it’s known for its warming properties that help heat your body up, alongside its antiviral properties.
Ginger is versatile in that you can ingest through food and soups or in tablet form. It has the added bonus of having decongestant properties and will help you shift that blocked up feeling in no time.
A solid favourite in the fight against colds and for boosting your immunity levels. This North American plant is perfect for giving your immunity a kick-start and is said to contain properties that increase white blood cells to help fight infection.
There are a variety of ways you can take it to help reduce the all too common symptoms of a cold, including aches and pains.
Vitamin C
Give your body a greater fighting chance of shifting that cold quickly with a Vit C hit. You can get this wonder vitamin quite naturally through citrus fruits and take yourself to the supermarket to pick up some leafy greens, broccoli and peas for similar effect.
Of course, you’ll find supplements in all good health stores but incorporating more fresh fruit and vegetables into your diet is by far a wiser and healthier approach to your overall physical well-being.
A very tasty way of soothing a sore throat and helping to suppress those urges to cough and cough. You can of course pick up some honey from any supermarket, but your health food shop might offer the choice of buying a honey syrup with added zinc and Vitamin C for added value.
If you’re not planning on getting too close to people for a while, then garlic is rich in antioxidant, antiviral and antibiotic properties. This wonder herb also contains Vit C, selenium and all manner of minerals that will boost your immune system and help to beat your cold back into submission. Create a fabulous Italian dish with extra garlic or take the less odorous option and pick up a supplement from your health store.
The beauty of all these products, isn’t just that they don’t take so much of a toll on your liver, compared to commercial cold remedies but also that they are so much more affordable, not to mention versatile and serve several different purposes. For other aches and pains you might also consider  for even more natural options.
Go natural, your body will thank you for it.

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