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by - March 04, 2019

Traveling as a family is one of the best ways to capture memories. Day to day you have commitments. It might be a job, school or nursery runs to do, or maybe you just don’t feel like you get quality time with your family because there is always something to do. Overflowing laundry pile anyone? However, taking a trip, a holiday or vacation can just be the tonic to get everyone back in sync. You take time off from your job, you change the scenery, and you spend some quality time together.

The problem a lot of families face is knowing exactly what to do with that one or two week stint. Often you have lots of ideas, but for so many families you tend to stick with what you know, or just feel less inspired to try something new. But maybe this is the year that you try something new. A lot of the time it is the lack of ideas, so here are some new family travel ideas to consider that will hopefully see you doing more of what you all deserve this year, spending time together.

Have you considered skiing?

Many families like the idea of an alternative holiday, and skiing could be one of them. Traditionally, it is not the hot relaxing beach style holiday you imagine, it is more full on and adventurous, but it can equally be so much fun and there is still a lot of time to relax in an evening. Either in a bubbling hot tub when the kids are asleep, or sitting relaxing in a lodge with a nice hot chocolate. Skiing is one of those things that you need to learn to do, and many resorts offer a ski school or instructors to help you get the basics. Combine that with various different ski runs that are tailored to your ability, you are good to go. However, not everyone takes to skiing, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy this winteresque holiday. There are other winter activities in Big Sky or other resorts that could have you occupied. Exploring and playing in the snow with the family, sledging down the hills, and enjoying different types of activities. Even if it is just marvelling at the beauty of the mountains.

What about a city break?

City breaks are often something that families discard, but there really is no reason why you should. A city break can be interesting for younger children as much as it can be for adults. Sure you may not want to spend a whole week doing it, but a weekend away could be a great way to introduce different cultures and history for your children. They actually can enjoy feeling a little more adult like, taking in the surroundings, learning new things, and also enjoying a different way of life. You could may a city break something that you do once a year, enjoying a different place and learning about new things. Museums and art galleries can often be great attractions within a city, and it can often a be a low cost way to occupy your time whilst away.

Combine a beach holiday with something else?

There is no hiding from the fact that most families love the opportunity to head to the beach, or to some sort of resort where the weather is glorious. After all, a holiday is meant to be relaxing. It is your time away from your usual routines, and a chance to catch up on rest as well as spend time with the family. However, it doesn’t just need to be a beach holiday. You could combine your beach holiday with something different, such as a city break. Maybe heading to the city first for a few days than travelling to a beach resort for a few days after. Giving you the best of both worlds. Some families also consider this with the likes of a Disney holiday. Giving you the business of that, then a chance to relax and recuperate after wards.

The ultimate once in a lifetime holiday

If you think about it, there will always be that one holiday that you just want to enjoy with your family. The once in a lifetime holiday that requires many hours of travel on a plane, or the one that requires you to save up a lot and for a while before you can pay for it. These are the things such as a trip to Australia or New Zealand, or even a Disney holiday. Maybe this is the year that you finally get a chance to take that vacation?

A cruise

More families are considering cruising these days, and why not? It gives you so many different types of vacations rolled into one. You get the chance to enjoy luxurious surroundings as let's face it, cruise ships are pretty spectacular. Then you get the added benefits of seeing many different locations in one holiday. You get to go on organized trips where you can authentically take in your surroundings and learn something, you get to relax on the ship or on the beaches, and you get the enjoyment of knowing that your children are catered for thanks to different activities or a great pool. Why wouldn’t you think about it?

Ticking off places on your bucket list

Finally, many of you will have your own bucket list. A list of places that you have been wanting to see for as long as you can remember. Often these involve experiences, as well as certain places and countries. But, what is stopping you ticking off those places when it comes to take it vacations with your family? Surely you want to experience these places with the people you love the most? Maybe the next time you are struggling for a place to go on vacation, why not consult your own bucket list and choose a place off it? After all, it is being made because they are the places you really want to see.

Let’s hope this has given you some family travel inspiration for your next vacation.

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