3 Must-Have Items for an Awesome Kid's Bedroom

by - March 17, 2019

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Designing a child’s bedroom is a lot of fun. Not only do you get to relive your own childhood - albeit vicariously - but you also get to take a much more eclectic approach than you might in other rooms.

Since a child’s bedroom has so many functions to play, getting the balance right is essential for the room to work well. For all that elegance and simplicity might work elsewhere, in this room, you want your child to feel inspired by their surroundings, not just in play but in learning too.

So with that in mind, here are 3 must-haves you might not have considered for your child’s bedroom.

A Beanbag

There are few items that genuinely bring pleasure to the vast majority of people but the humble bean bag is surely one of them. The satisfaction of collapsing into the beans and finding the optimum position for gaming, reading or simply snuggling a teddy bear is something that no child should have to go without.

Bean bags are quite easy to make at home and all you need to do is find some polystyrene beads and a nice fabric. But let’s be honest here, when you could just buy a Sumo bean bag, why bother with all the effort and mess?

A Den

Den building is a great way to encourage children to express their individuality and independence. Having a little hideaway where they can play by themselves or even take a little nap is a lovely option. Unfortunately, as children don’t play outside as much and parents prefer the living room to stay intact, many children simply don’t get to build a den. The solution is to give them everything they need to spark their imagination in their bedroom.

The basics for den building are really quite simple: a few blankets, something structural like a few chairs and cushions to put inside. Playing with your child while making the den is a great way to spend some quality time together and see how they are developing. Let them take the lead in design and step back to marvel at their ingenuity!

A Bookcase

Kids who grow up around books tend to have higher levels of literacy than those who don’t. Why this is has been debated but the fact of the matter is that you can’t foster a love of reading without having access to the right sort of material. Imagination, language and storytelling are all part of enjoying a great narrative and with so many wonderful children’s authors, putting a bookcase in your child’s bedroom is the best encouragement you can give them.

Choosing a book together at bedtime is the perfect opportunity to bond and discuss the social and thematic issues in each story. You would be surprised by how much easier it is for children to talk about their wants and fears through characters and stories. If there is one gift that any parent can give it is time and what better way to spend it than by reading and talking?

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