What Parts Of Your Health Do You Prioritize?

by - February 21, 2019

Health is something we all worry about, especially our own. We make sure all of our friends and family are just fine, and as happy and healthy as possible, because we love them and want them to be A-OK! But when it comes to our own, we can delay. And during that time, we overworry and hold off booking a doctor’s appointment - either because we don’t think we need any help, or we don’t think we deserve help, or we just don’t want to hear a professional’s verdict. It can be a very complicated matter!

So whether you’re someone who loves to get up and get out there, exercising at least three times a week, or you’re someone who doesn’t tend to find the time in your schedule to keep to a healthy routine, we all share the same kinds of health concerns. And it’s time to explore them below.

Make Sure You’re Not Too Worried

The first thing to realize is that there’s a chance you could be hyper worried about the health you have on your hands. You could be experiencing symptoms from time to time, and then trick yourself into thinking that something is seriously wrong in your brain or body. But in actuality, you’ve probably slept in a position your body didn’t like very much, or something you’ve already done that day has left a bit of an after effect on you. Let yourself think about things rationally for a moment or two.

Most of all, don’t let yourself sit down for minutes at a time researching your symptoms on the Internet - it won’t do you any favors! All in all, it’ll just get you to focus on your health more than what’s good for you, and you still won’t be certain that you’re ill in any way!

Your Physical Health?

You’re a Mom, you get aches and pains a lot throughout the weeks and months! You look after your kids day in and day out, feeding and playing with them, taking them to and from school etc. And then after that, you’ve still got your own life to get on with, such as work and any of your other responsibilities. So, maybe your back is a little tender, maybe you’re carrying a lot of stress on your shoulders and that makes sleeping at night a little sore. Maybe you’ve got a headache quite a lot these days, and you’re starting to worry it means something.

But do you want to focus on your physical health a little more? If so, it’s times like these you could probably use a little more self care in your life. A long and warm bath to relax your muscles, a quick massage here and there from anyone significant in your life, drinking a bit more water and eating a few more green things on a daily basis - a combination of all of these small and light changes can make you feel a lot better.

Your Mental Health?

When you’re a parent, you’ve got to be sure you’re always on top of your game. You’ve got your kids to look after, and you’ve got your siblings to check in with from time to time, and you do tend to always be focused on someone else! As a Mom especially, you’ve got a lot of empathy to go around. But that can get quite exhausting, and there’s a good chance you’ve been feeling a lot more tired lately - you have the physical energy (you get a good night’s rest every night), but you might not have the mental energy to go on as you are.

Mental health is a very big deal, and often enough it’s not just parents who don’t pay much attention to it. We brush over it when we’re sad, and we let it out in the wrong ways when we’re angry, and we don’t feel happy enough of the time. And if you’re someone noticing a lot of ups and downs with your mood lately, you might want to take a look through the Local VTherapist Directory. Therapy is something we never think we’re in a bad enough shape for, but it really can help with any little disruption in your life!

What do you tend to prioritize when it comes to your health, and subsequent happiness? Of course, always book a doctor’s appointment if you’re truly worried about something. You should always try to keep to your checkups too - doctors are the ones who can help!

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