The Essential Elements Of Authentic Expression

by - February 06, 2019

We might look at those around the world who seem free to express themselves and think ‘why not us?’ Seeing a showman exude extreme confidence or seeing a creator on YouTube express their deepest thoughts, we might decide that this kind of content-generation or developing a wonderful skill would be wonderful, if only we could replicate it. The essential elements of authentic expression might seem completely alien to us, as if it’s some form of creative thunderbolt that we have been unlucky to be hit with so far.

But that’s not true. While talent is a spectrum and can seemingly be placed in some but not others, that doesn’t mean people are limited to doing only what they are initially good at. The title of this article refers to ‘authentic expression,’ and the key word here is ‘authentic’. Expression for fame, money or anything material is perhaps nice and beats a day job, but you’ll never be at your creative peak this way. Instead, bringing the best of yourself and loving what you do can be achieved well, but only if you keep a few things in mind. No matter if you blog, write, sing, dance, film or play or draw, consider our advice:

Self Love

Self love matters if you hope to express yourself well. You need to care about your own opinion, and believe you have the ability to show that which you care about to the world. It takes a certain level of self-belief for someone to write a book for example, and assume someone might want to spend hours reading it. It matters that you care about your own worth and your place in the world. Self love also means caring for yourself, being kind to yourself, and accepting yourself. It might also mean changing yourself into the person you want to be. Deciding to lose weight or seeing a nose job specialist are in no way opposite to finding that self love you might need to express, because the way we treat our bodies and minds is the first, most authentic form of expression we promote on a daily basis.

What Drives You

It’s important to be honest to what drives you. If you’re very much into writing only for money for example, you won’t likely write an epic to rival War and Peace. If you hope to become excellent at the craft, or to experience the entire development of its inner workings, or wish to just how far you can take your talent, you’ll be on your way to authenticity.

Identity, Passion & Care

Having something to say will often lead to authenticity. What do you care about? What gives you passion to wake up in the morning? What do you honestly hope could change, or what beliefs do you think are worth protecting? You might not think you’ve learned enough about the world to hold some of these opinions. If that’s the case, then don’t be afraid to. The final word in expression is informed expression.

With these tips, you’re sure to be your most authentic self.

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