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by - February 15, 2019

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Taking care of ourselves can mean different things to many people. For some that involves using IV Therapy to help them get over illnesses and for others, it means working on a fitness and diet regime. It is the latter of these two that we are going to focus on for the purposes of this wellness discussion. So, let’s take a look at some of the ways you can improve your health outlook with exercise and diet.


Your body needs to be active in some capacity. That is one of the definite facts of life that our bodies are made to and want to be getting some form of exercise in their routine. Now, that doesn’t mean that you have to go and sign up to your local gym and start on a path to become Hulk Hogan or Ronda Rousey. Rather, the idea is that you should get at least the minimum amount of exercise into your week so that your body is working at its optimum levels.

But what are the minimums? Well, according to the Mayo Clinic we should all be doing at least three hours of moderate aerobic exercise per week and three days of strength training. When you consider that there are 168 hours in a week, meeting this requirement doesn’t seem like such a stretch. However, in reality, those hours can fly past us with the pressure of work, family life and getting in a proper sleep cycle.

So what can you do? The first thing to understand is that aerobic exercise means running, cycling and swimming, while strength training refers to things like push-ups and squats. You should look to see how you can fit those workouts into your weekly routine, that might be 30 minutes per day, but just as long as you are meeting your requirements you will feel the benefits in your body almost immediately.

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The important thing to remember when it comes to diet is that you should avoid fad ideas at all costs. Every few months there seems to be a new must-do diet that is going to help you lose all the weight you don’t want and turn you into an Instagram likes machine. The truth is, these are either short-term fixes or don’t work at all. No, instead you should be looking at finding a balanced diet that works for you, but ensuring that you have the six essential nutrients as part of that meal plan.

The food groups we are referring to are the ones that your body needs for energy, your immune system, and general health. For those of you not sure of what they are, here is a list:

  • Carbohydrates
  • Fats
  • Protein
  • Vitamins
  • Minerals
  • Water

Using applications like MyFitnessPal you can record what you are eating and see a breakdown of the above food groups. This should help you can a better idea of how you need to alter your diet so that you are getting the essential nutrients into your body and meeting your calorie or other goals.

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