Protecting Your Privacy As A Blogger

by - February 04, 2019

Bloggers have almost become celebrities in many ways. Your followers are almost your fans, and you have the potential to become a well-known personality with admirers who are influenced by your fashion, your lifestyle, etc. It sounds great, but there can be several pitfalls, one of which is your privacy.

It’s easy to overshare as a blogger. It’s likely that you have a close relationship with your followers, which can lead you sharing many details about your life you wouldn’t normally share with complete strangers. Maintaining that element of privacy is important, helping to keep you safe from harm.

Even if you think you’re being careful with how you share your life online, it’s worth giving yourself a reminder. Here are some pointers for helping you maintain privacy as a blogger.

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Protect your website

Basic internet security is one of the first steps you need to take to ensure your privacy online. Opening yourself up to hacking and viruses can mean that a lot of your hard work gets lost, and you could potentially risk the data of your followers and subscribers too.

There are different tips for boosting the security of your blog. Make sure your login is secure by creating a complex password, and don’t leave it lying around anywhere. Take advantage of all of the security options offered by your web host - they’ll take care of the updates and make sure your blog is protected from the latest threats.

Don’t make it easy for people to piece your identity together

While you’d hope that most people wouldn’t want to try and steal your identity or hack into your Amazon account, you can never really trust everyone. Even though blogging often involves sharing many details of your life, you should try not to reveal too much about yourself. Avoid providing all of your details such as your full name, date of birth, address, etc. - maintain a bit of mystery around some things. It also makes sense to create a whole new email address to keep correspondence that comes from your blog separate, helping you to keep your personal address private.

Avoid giving your real address

There are many risks associated with giving out your real address. You wouldn’t want somebody showing up at your home or sending you unwanted mail, so many bloggers have caught on to using a PO box for receiving their mail from collaborators, brands, etc. Get yourself a mailing address from to help you direct your mail to somewhere else. It’s a simple thing you can do to maintain your privacy, and the cost is worth the added security.

Stay safe using social media

Social media and blogging go hand in hand, with social being a simple tool for promoting your blog. Like your blog, your social channels can be an easy way for people to find out more about you, so you need to be cautious about what you put online. There are some basic tips to follow to stay safe on social media, so make sure you follow them all. Having different accounts for your blog and personal networks is a sensible way to keep your blog as strictly business, and means you can still interact with trusted friends and family as normal.

One social network, in particular, to be cautious with is Facebook. Instead of pointing people towards your personal Facebook account, create a Facebook page for your blog instead.

Protect your credibility as a blogger

While you might spend hours creating some amazing, original and creative content for your blog, someone else might not be so diligent. Copyright infringement is a problem faced by many bloggers, who have their posts, photos and more plagiarised by others. Take steps to protect your content from copyright infringement and carry out regular searches to make sure your work isn’t being used without authorization.You work hard to create your content, so why would you let someone else take the credit?

Privacy issues are becoming more and more of a concern when it comes to the online world. It’s important to stay savvy and always err on the side of caution when it comes to your online life. Blogging can be great fun, and a great way to make money, but you should never put yourself at risk in the process. If you’re unsure about the best ways of maintaining your privacy online, consult an expert and read around to make sure you’ve covered everything and can blog with confidence, knowing that you’re only sharing the things you want to share.

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