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by - February 07, 2019

Magnificent MalachiteA Gem of an Ingredient, So Good You Just Can’t Get Enough!

When the founders of Bellame set out to create the infamous luxury clean beauty skincare line, they knew that their products could only be as incredible as what is inside the bottle. At BELLAME, we all take pride in the thoroughly researched, science-backed ingredients.  Formulas that are not just efficacious and free of harmful ingredients; they deliver the luxury experience you deserve.
And what could be more luxurious than gemstones? The Bellame Acqua Lumiere line calls upon the precious copper-enriched gemstone, Malachite, to deliver an unparalleled formula for the powerhouse serum. Once used in beauty routines five centuries ago by the ancient Egyptians. This beautiful green potent essential has been known to block inflammation, as well as firm and repair sun damage.
New Beauty Magazine recently boasted its benefits as well, “malachite has antioxidant properties and can quench free radicals that may be one of the biggest culprits in the aging process. Malachite raises the level of the enzyme glutathione reductase in the skin, resulting in the newfound ability to recycle vitamins C and E, both of which are key to glowing, beautiful skin. The natural peptide glutathione not only protects the skin but can also brighten it.”

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