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by - February 25, 2019

If you want to become a professional blogger, you need to make certain that enough traffic reaches your site. Then the advertisers will get a better response and your affiliate products will be more exposed. When this happens, everyone wins which is why marketing your blog is so vital.  

Build A Social Media Presence

Although social media can be time-consuming it is cheap and effective.  Make your posts interesting or viewers will just scroll past them and although it is a great idea to include a link to your blog, not everyone should be promotional.

When people see posts on the like of Facebook and Twitter, there has to be something within them that makes the viewer want to know more. This will make them over onto your blog, where hopefully, they will become a follower.

Remember, it is not just written content that will attract them. Images and videos can be just as good, and if they have some humor in them, they will be even more attractive.

You should also utilize as many of the social media platforms as you can. Not everyone uses the largest ones so do not forget the likes of Instagram and YouTube. There is also Quora to consider, which is a great way to interact with other people, and let them see that you are an expert in your niche.

Reddit is also a brilliant place to build an audience and you can buy Reddit upvotes to increase your exposure. The more comments are made on your posts, the more people will see them.

Generate Traffic Using Emails, Apps, and Text Messages

The thought of sending thousands of emails may be rather daunting, but it is much easier then you may think. There are sites where you can create the email and then they forward it to everyone on your mailing list. This is a very cheap way to connect with people and will bring a good response as long as your email has something of interest. You could also send surveys through emails as that usually helps to get more people interested.

One mistake many bloggers make is not keeping an email list from the day they start, but the more email addresses you have, the more effective this marketing strategy will be. This is why sometimes bloggers swap mailing lists and then they have many more people to get in touch with.

There will be some people that will always ignore emails. However, it is said that 95% of text messages are opened.  Alert your followers to a new blog post by sending an SMS to all the numbers the widget on your website has collected.

Users love apps. They make it so easy to access websites and it is well worth getting one made for your blog. The easier your blog is to access, the more views it will get. That is a fact that cannot be denied, and an app is an investment that is well worthwhile.

Keeping Visitors Interested

You do not want lots of viewers that never stay longer than 3 or 4 seconds. It is estimated that this is all the time you have to hold their interest, so if something does not attract them immediately. They will soon move on to somewhere else.

Ignoring the bounce rate of your blog is a mistake. It is great to have as many people as possible click on it, but it is also important to keep them there a while. If you can hold their attention for just 10 seconds or more, they are likely to return at some point and perhaps become loyal followers.

You could write an eBook on the theme of your blog and offer it for free to anyone that leaves his or her email address. You may be surprised how many people love to get something for nothing and this tactic has proved successful for many bloggers.

The same can be said of holding a competition. The price does not have to be huge but if you offer a gift card, for instance, for a popular online site, people will do whatever you ask to be in with a chance of winning. Make liking you page part of the entry qualifications and you will be overwhelmed by the response from all social media platforms.

You can also automate the process of posting to social media that a new blog post has been uploaded. This can save you a lot of time and reach all the people you want it to.

Finding Followers Through PR

News items are a great way of getting some free publicity. Contact your local radio station or newspaper if you have something newsworthy and they will do an article about it. In that, they will mention you and your blog and this will encourage people to have a look closer. Then there are things such as Google News, where people read articles every day.

If there is a story worth telling about the theme of your blog then as all the media outlets are looking for new stories, they will be happy to do a piece and include your name in it.

Some people even bypass the newsrooms and go direct to the like of radio personalities. If one of them chats with you about your niche, this can be a fantastic way to pick up more followers.

Other PR exercises that can help are sponsoring local events, fundraising for a good cause or hosting a workshop that people can attend free of any charge. Viewers remember these things and will follow you to see what other PR events you are doing.

Use Forums

Interacting with other people on forums and showing your expertise, is a good way to encourage people to take a look at your blog. You should never be condescending though or come across as a ‘know-it-all’ as that will have the opposite effect and put viewers off.

Answer questions where you can and join in with discussions. If you disagree with something another user is saying, be very careful how you get your point across.

When you are creating a user name for any forum, make sure it includes part of your name or your blog title.

Be SEO Savvy

SEO is a vital part of promoting any business, including blogs. When people are using their search engines they will often get many thousands of results. There is no way they are going to trawl through them all and research has shown that most people only look at the first two pages, sometimes three.

For many years, your position in the search engine rankings depended very much on the quality of the written content on your site. It had to include keywords to be picked up on and regular posts needed to be made. This is still the case except that now the technology used has advanced enough to also take account of any images and videos you post, as well as the responses you get to social media posts.

Old content eventually becomes irrelevant and gets ignored but you can help to prevent this happening by refreshing them occasionally. This is an exercise you should do anyway, as rules and regulations change all the time and something you said in a post last year may not be correct now.

The aim is to get your blog into the first couple of pages of the search engines, and this is something that many people will turn to freelancers and agencies to help them achieve it.

Traditional And Digital Advertising

Digital adverts can be made on many sites and are not overly expensive. Twitter, Facebook, Bing, Yahoo, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Google all have this facility, as do any other social media site or search engine you can name. You can even have the same advert on all of them and expect a good response from them all.

More traditional methods of advertising can also be good, although they can be a little more expensive. Billboards, radio, TV, and flying banners over an event are just some suggestions but there are many more traditional advertising methods. You could buy a wrap for your car that adverts your blog or have branded knick-knacks to give away. Advertise in your local doctor’s surgery for very little cost as well as in post offices and other shops.

Ask For Reviews

Ask some of your loyal followers to post reviews on some of the independent websites. For many people, these sites are where they check things out as they feel that you will only ever post good testimonials to your own blog site. The independent sites offer the chance to put a bad review as well as good ones, so people have more faith in them.

All of these suggestions are meant to help you increase the traffic to your blog, and they are all tried and tested methods. If you are not already doing at least some of these things then you need to get started right now.

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