Adulting Life Skills You Should Have Learned By Now

by - February 15, 2019

Where did all the time go? It seems like mere days ago that we were running around playing catch and sneaking sweets before bedtime, and now here we are trying to build careers, sort a home and keep our health in some kind of balance. It's certain that adulting has its perks - the fleeting sweetness of payday, staying up as long as you like bingeing on that must-watch Netflix series, dying your hair whatever colour you like. But, as you will already have figured out, for every joy there's a responsibility, and for every treat there's a chore. Critical life skills definitely enrich your life and provide the foundation for a fulfilling, rewarding existence. So if you've managed to muddle your way through without picking up these basic skills, then you might want to get practicing…

Setting A Personal Budget

Having the odd blowout is fun, but living paycheck to paycheck is not smart, and leaves you totally unprepared for any financial emergencies. If you have long term goals, be it travelling the world, owning a home, starting a business or a family, then you need cash to fund them. If you have no idea what your outgoings are, then you seriously need to work out a basic budget and identify where you can make some savings. Building up a rainy day fund so that if you have an emergency or a big expense, you don't have to reach for your credit card, gives you a great feeling of control and security. Healthy money management is hugely important for reducing your anxiety levels and helping you to achieve what you want to in life. Using a budgeting app can really help, especially if you add automatic roundups to your card transactions in addition to a regular savings amount.

Cooking At Least Five Dishes

Knowing how to fuel your body right is massively important if you want to stay in great health, maintain your energy levels and keep your weight in check. The key is to aim to eat a rainbow of different coloured fruit and vegetables every day - each one contains different nutrients that support your body. Forget overpriced protein shakes and fad diets and just focus on reducing the amount of processed foods you eat and increasing the natural ones. Teach yourself five healthy and delicious recipes to begin with and get into the habit of batch cooking them on a Sunday and freezing them so that you always have a home cooked meal ready to go when you come in late. Add in a couple of signature dishes and some desserts and teach yourself how to make the perfect coffee with the guide at The Darkest Roast and you'll be ready to host some dinner parties.

Getting A Great Night's Sleep

Great sleep is the foundation of physical and mental health. Without sleep, you're going to have trouble focusing, worse moods, low energy and a host of other problems. So make sure you invest in a quality mattress and a few sets of great bedlinen. If you have trouble sleeping because of the environment, look into blackout blinds, noise cancelling headphones or even an aromatherapy diffuser. In no time at all you'll be sleeping much better and waking up ready to take on the world.

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