Why Most People Never Get Enough Value Out Of Their Homes

by - January 30, 2019

Ah, your home sweet home.

For most homeowners, the story of buying a property is a delicate combination of mixed feelings. One the on hand, there’s a great sense of excitement about becoming a homeowner and creating your own nest. But on the other hand, most households complaints about the costs of their property. As a result, financial advisors are quick to tell you that buying a home might be a dangerous money pitfall. Indeed, the view of properties from the spreadsheet side is that you’re likely to invest more in it than you’ll ever get value out of it.
Even though the data seem to indicate that this simplistic view of homes is correct, it’s important to remind yourself that only you can boost your property value. Indeed, homeowners who miss the opportunity to make the most of their home often feel that their investment was a waste of money. The truth is your home has so much unexplored potential! It’s time to consider the many ways in which people can add value to your property – or discover its hidden value!

#1. They fail to make the best selling deal
When you’ve been living in the same property for a while, the decision to sell your house is never an easy one. Indeed, you’ve made precious memories in your home, and more often than not, homeowners look at their properties through tinted glasses as a result. There’s no way around it. If you want to sell your home for a profit, you need to build a market strategy. First of all, you’re likely to get the best price if you proceed to all necessary repairs before promoting the property. However, be careful about budgeting costs as you’re unlikely to recoup high expenses. Similarly, maximizing the curb appeal without overspending is crucial to appeal to buyers and guarantee attractive price offers.

#2. They invest too much money and not enough thinking in renovations
Even when you are not planning to sell, spending money in renovating and remodeling your property is a fundamental part of your homeowner responsibilities. However, more often than not, you find yourself planning unnecessary renovation works where a few simple changes could have sorted out the situation. Picture, for instance, one of the most common home improvement projects, a kitchen remodel. Kitchens tend to show signs of wear and tear rapidly as a direct consequence of their regular use. Consequently, it’s easy to be tricked into thinking you need to change it all when you could get by with targeted modifications such as replacing your kitchen tops with an easy to clean surface, for instance. This would dramatically improve the aspect of the room without breaking the bank!

#3. They don’t declutter enough
It’s in human nature to accumulate. Over the years, you’ve probably received and bought more items than you can remember. However, even if you don’t remember getting them, they still take up a lot of room! Take a look at your wardrobe, for instance. Do you wear every piece of clothing you own? You probably don’t. Take the opportunity to remove all the pieces you don’t wear, like or fit in anymore. You will gain an overview of everything you own and love, which is the best feeling when you open the wardrobe in the morning. The same principle applies to every other room at home. You don’t need to keep junk you don’t use anymore; free your home from the shackles of your past!

#4. They forget to create happy memories
Your home is more than the place you get back to at the end of the day. It’s a nest that offers comfort, peace and happiness. It’s the place where you can be yourself and do everything you love. Unfortunately, the trend of throwing parties and inviting friends for dinner has long been forgotten. Nevertheless, it’s not too late to call a few friends and prepare a delicious meal to enjoy together, around a casual conversation. The more happy memories you make, the more valuable your home will be to you.

#5. They never find their decorating style
Homeowners who are stuck in a hectic lifestyle can sometimes forget to think about their tastes and preferences. The home becomes a practical feature in their lives; the decor only serves as a solution to populate the rooms. In truth, you can’t feel at home if you’re not emotionally invested in your decor. However, if life has gotten in the way until now, it can be tricky to figure out what you like. You can take a look at style inspirations and interior quizzes to get a better understanding of the styles that move you.

#6. Their indoor air is not as clean as it seems
Your home is clean, or so you think. But every day, countless invisible toxins float in the air, inside your home. They emanate from the paint on your walls, the fabric of your chairs, the cleaning products you use, the plywood furniture, etc. These particles can affect your health, both physically and mentally. For many homeowners, it’s nothing more than a constant disturbance that spoils the mood. Did you know that adding a houseplant could help to target the issue? Indeed, plants can remove toxins in the air. They can also lift your spirits!

#7. They live isolated from their community
We live in a modern society where everything is available via an app on your smartphone. From ordering your favorite food to buying clothes, you don’t need to interact to make it happen. As a result, personal interactions at a community level are dying. More and more homeowners are as digitally integrated as they’re socially isolated from their neighbors. Break the routine and introduce yourself to your neighbors.Together you can build a safe community and make your home part of something bigger.

#8. They let unused space go to waste
Last, but not least, you may not be ready to sell, but what about renting your spare bedroom? You can find a friendly companion to help you look after the house and make money at the same time.

In conclusion, there’s only one question left to ask you: How are you going to make the most out of your home this year?

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