Pest Control Tips You Need To Know

by - January 03, 2019

Pests are, well, pests. They are classified as any creature which causes inconvenience to us in our homes or causes damage to our property. No one ever wants to have to deal with pests at home and even if you have the cleanest house in the world there may still be chance of nature finding a way. Here are some of our top tips for anyone who wants to protect their home from pests this year.

Block Entry

The easiest way to stop pests from getting into the home nd causing havoc is to make sure they can’t get in at all. If you have a home which you have recently bought, it is worth taking a proper look at all of the nooks and crannies of the house to check for possible access points. This could be anything from spaces next to the door, cracks in the walls and even spaces underneath kitchen cupboards. Take some time out of your day to seal these entryways and this will be like providing your own pest control service to your home right away.

Clean The Kitchen

Out of all of the rooms in the house, the one which is most likely to attracts pests is the kitchen. This is the part of the house which holds a food source and this is exactly why pests want to access your home in the first place in most cases. Be sure every so often to clear out bad food and make sure to always take stock of what you have in the kitchen. When was the last time you checked on your onions to make sure they were still safe to eat? Be sure to never leave fresh food somewhere which could be forgotten about, because this can be a huge pest magnet.

Eliminate Standing Water

When we are talking about standing water, this is something which mostly applies outside the house, and it can include things such as a pond or your gutter on the roof. Make sure you clean the gutter regularly because if you don’t water will build up and mosquitos and other pests will lay their eggs in this water. Make sure to also clear your pond every now and again and even consider installing a water filter to keep it clean and moving.

Tidy The Garden

Think of your garden as the pest foyer of your home. The garden is always going to be the first place pests access on your property before they try to access the home, and this is why looking after the garden is crucial. Never let your plants become too overgrown, including the lawn, because this is where pests will hide and live until they can access your home. The last thing you want is to leave your shrubs overgrown and end up with a wasps nest in there.

Store Firewood Properly

If you light your own fire with wood throughout the year, there will likely be a certain place you buy your firewood from and this place might be somewhere specialising in wood. If so, and even if not, you need to make sure you store your wood correctly. It is never advisable to leave firewood outside the house or anywhere damp because this can attract animals who might make their home inside. Keep your wood off the ground and away from damp conditions to reduce the chance of pests.

Don’t Leave Windows Open

One of the mistakes we all make now and again is leaving the windows open for too long. Unfortunately there is nothing we can do about how weather, and having out windows open can be a great way to cool the home down on a hot day. Just make sure that you are also aware to always shut them after an hour or so. An open window will attract animals like flies, wasps and even small bug and these can become a pest in the home if the windows stay open all of the time.

Empty The Bins

Have you ever forgotten to empty the bin for a week or so and came across something unsavoury? If not, lucky you! The worst thing you can ever do in the home if you want to rid yourself of pests is to leave the bins in the house for too long. This, at any time of the year can cause an issue, but when the weather is hot it can attract flies incredibly quickly. Flies will swiftly lay eggs in this area and this can cause you to end up with maggots in your bin. If this ever does happen to you, take your bin outside and bleach it straight away. However, if you haven’t suffered this yet, empty your bin regularly and you can avoid it!

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