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by - January 04, 2019

New Mommy Wines Podcast merchandise is now available! If you are not yet familiar with The Mommy Wines Podcast it is a weekly show hosted by Utah transplants and wine enthusiasts Emma Dawn and Tara Chapman. Join us Wednesday evenings for winey sips and comedic chats on all thing’s mom life and beyond! You can stream the Mommy Wines Podcast on and our new YouTube channel.

About Emma Dawn
Emma is a Financial Broker by day and a Mompreneur by night. Creator behind this motherhood & lifestyle blog, and author of Milo’s Meals: A Healthy Recipe Guide for the Picky Toddler. As a solo - parent to a tenacious toddler boy, Milo, Emma is sipping her way through the terrible two’s.

About Tara Chapman
Tara is a techy corporate powerhouse along with being a health, wellness and natural living advocate. Generation X, boy mom of two (13 & 4), Tara shares her no holds back opinions on divorce, motherhood, and life over 40! 

All merchandise is limited edition and processed through Bonfire! Profits from our limited edition apparel allow us to entertain you every week for FREE! Make sure to subscribe to the show so you don't miss an episode!

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