If You Do One Thing This Year, Don't Ignore These Health Concerns

by - January 15, 2019

Life can get a little hectic at times, don’t you agree? We have work commitments, a career to enjoy, our children and a family perhaps to keep in check. It is chaotic at the best of times and as women, and moms, we can often be low on the priority list as we take care of everyone's needs. However, it is always worth highlighting some of the health concerns that shouldn't be ignored. Here are some of the things to consider, and if you do find that you are experiencing any of these health issues or symptoms then let this be the year that you put yourself first for a change.

Female health

As a woman, there are some things that men just don’t experience. Child birth being one of them. But we also need to take into account our female health when it comes to our bodies. This can be things relating to your menstrual cycle, such as heavier than normal periods or more pain than usual. It may be discharge that you think is unusual or not going for those regular checks with your gynecologist. The truth of the matter is cancer, being in the cervix, the womb or in the ovaries is on the rise, and so you need to be more proactive as sometimes the symptoms can go unnoticed for a long time.

Unusual lumps

On the subject of cancer and the symptoms you may recognize, unusual lumps and bumps in your body can often be the biggest indication that something isn’t right. It is always good to check your body for any unusual lumps. Most likely in the breast area. Checking them carefully often can help you to become more aware of what is right for you in your body and what perhaps is different and unusual. A lot of the time, lumps that are found are nothing serious at all. But it is always worth getting them checked out, just in case.

Back or spine issues

The next thing to think about would be issues with your back or spine. This can be something that you tend to put up with, but back pain can lead onto bigger issues affecting your posture and your mobility if you don’t get things checked out sooner rather than later. The worst case scenario would be that you need to see a spine surgeon to have corrective surgery. However, if you don’t leave it long and get things checked out, it could be that simple exercises could help you overcome it. Back pain can be hard work to endure, so don’t suffer in silence and take action to feel better in yourself.

Symptoms when you visit the bathroom

Finally, do you experience issues when going to the bathroom. It may be blood in your urine, or trouble going to the toilet when it comes to emptying your bowels. It may sound really strange discussing these things, but symptoms like this could be a warning sign that something isn’t right. If you have trouble with your stomach, and issues when going to the bathroom it would be a good idea to see a doctor to have things checked over.

Let's hope that you have a healthy 2019, but finally give yourself the priority you deserve if things are not right for you in terms of your health and well being.

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