Do I Understand Private Health Care Coverage?

by - January 18, 2019

Since making the change to become a self employed entrepreneur I don't have a basic company health care plan that was set up generically for a mass amount of employees covering myself anymore. As I always take care of my son, Milo, first. I have been procrastinating on getting my private coverages set up. When we moved to Utah from Nevada I found him a new pediatrician within ten days, I found him a dentist within two months, and a educationally focused daycare provider within three days. However, when asked the other day at Urgent Care who my family doctor was I was at a loss for words. I still haven't set that up and it's been 8 months!

As a mom I often times put my personal needs on the back burner. Though, in 2019 it is on my resolution list to practice self care. Since my son is covered under a family plan through his father's employer, one of the ways I am tackling this goal is by setting up my private health care insurance. From the time of relocating, I have been uninsured and have been putting off setting up my own coverages. I made up excuses about not having time or not personally knowing a health agent, and some days I just forgot. However, I'm not getting any younger so I figured now is the time to set my needs as a priority. 

How do I know I'm getting the best benefits for the money?
Is it possible to talk to an agent, licensed in my state, that shows me all available plans and will let me decide which one is best for me?

These are very common questions asked by people searching for private health care coverage.

The way to accomplish all of that is to talk with someone who understands the insurance landscape and your needs as a client. I chose to go with Chris Cantrell. He is a health care agent licensed in 25 different states.

Quick note from Chris Cantrell:
Most agents are captive and only able to sell one plan from one company. They will steer you in that direction only, leaving all other options hidden or frowned upon. In my own personal experience, it is always better to work with an licensed insurance broker who takes the time to look at all available plans and allows you to choose what plan would best suit your family and your own personal needs.

Chris only needs a home zip code and birthday TEXTED to him and he can quickly produce a range of coverages. If the coverage ranges work and you have a few you would like more details on, he only needs a moment over the phone to determine which would be a good fit. He can then email over all the details of that particular policy and answer any questions you may have.

Chris was incredibly helpful and honest during my policy set up. I am now covered with a policy that fits my needs and I was able to get on a affordable plan that allowed me to keep my preferred health care provider. 

Very simple and to the point. Give him a shout. 

Chris Cantrell
Licensed Agent

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