3 Killer Reasons To Take Up Rock Climbing For Fitness

by - January 14, 2019

Rock climbing and fitness aren’t two things you usually group together. Most people view it as more of a hobby than a fitness activity, but you’ll be surprised at the health benefits it brings both your body and mind. For me, the key to getting fit - and staying fit - is continually switching up your routine, so you try new things. Speaking of which, here are a few reasons to take up rock climbing for fitness this year:

It’s a full-body workout

I just mentioned how most people see rock climbing as a hobby, but this is because they don’t understand the physical element of it. After one session, I promise you’ll feel sore the next day. Not just in your arms, but in your legs, back; everywhere! The very nature of rock climbing means you’re pulling yourself into positions, pushing off with your legs, hanging onto things; it works your whole body. As a result, you can burn so much fat from just a couple of sessions a week. If you really want to lose weight and tighten up your body, then this is a brilliant way to do it. Add it into your routine, and you’ll be amazed at how quickly you see results.

Makes you feel like a hero

Personally, I think rock climbing gives you such an adrenaline rush. Even if you’re a beginner that’s in a safety harness inside a climbing center, there’s something cool about just hanging from a wall and climbing all the way up. It makes you feel like the hero from a film, like you’re really doing something special. Granted, it helps that some of the best women's climbing pants can make you look like Lara Croft out of Tomb Raider, but this just adds to the overall badass feel. When you feel this good doing something, it will only motivate you to do more, which helps you become even more active and fit!

Helps build strength that translates back into the gym

If you like going to the gym and training there, then rock climbing is an excellent supplement to that. One common problem women have is that they feel too week in the gym. They want to lift weights, but they just can’t handle even the smallest amount. With rock climbing, you’re learning how to lift and control your own bodyweight. This builds so much strength that translates back into the gym - particularly with regards to your grip. As a result, your regular fitness training will improve as you have more strength to play with, meaning you can push yourself further, meaning you see better results!

There you go; three killer reasons to take up rock climbing for fitness. It might seem like a strange idea, but you can clearly see the impact it has on your physical health. Whether you’re looking for a new training path to go down that brings new motivation, or you just want something to add to your existing fitness routine; rock climbing might just be perfect for you.

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