Using Color To Transform Your Home

by - December 07, 2018

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Color can be a remarkably powerful thing. The hues and shades you see each day all work together to change the way you feel, give you information about the world around you, and make this more pleasing to look at. When it comes to your home, this is something you’ll probably spend a long time thinking about, picking out the other decor based largely on the main colors around the place. To help you out with this process, this post will be exploring some of the moods which can be inspired by color alone.


When you look at light blues and yellows, most people will start to feel calmer. While you may not notice this happening, these sorts of shades are perfect when you want to take some of the turmoil out of your life. This makes them ideal for bedrooms, as these rooms need to make you feel nice and restful. There are loads of light colors which can have a similar effect, but blues and yellows are often the most effective.

Happiness & Warmth

Not a lot of realise that a color alone is enough to make you happy, and it’s possible to design entire rooms which are based around the concept. Orange, yellow, and other bright colors are perfect for this, with warm colors always doing their part to make you feel better. A lot of people choose options like this for the outside of their home, hiring professional painters to do the job for them to ensure that the best results can be achieved. Along with this, though, these colors are great for lounges, kitchens, and bedroom.


Most people have things that they are passionate about in their home, and inspiring this sort of feeling is always a nice path to go down. Red, purple, and other deeper shades are some of the best for this, making entire rooms feel as though they were built around a feeling of passion. This works really well in bedrooms, hobby spaces, and other rooms which you spend a lot of time in by yourself.


Finally, as the last area to consider, it’s time to think about cleanliness. When it comes to rooms like bathrooms and kitchens, ensuring that they look clean takes more than housework, and the colors you choose make a big difference here. Whites, blues, and greens make it easy to make a room feel clean, but they have to be nice and light. Of course, it makes sense that you wouldn’t want your bathroom to feel dirty.

Hopefully, with all of this in mind, you will be feeling ready to take on the challenge of using color to change the way your home feels. A lot of people try to go down this route, but make mistakes which drastically alter the feel of their space. Avoiding this is a simple matter of testing the colors you want to use, ensuring that you know how they make you feel before using them in your rooms.

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