How to Reignite Your Love For Traveling

by - December 27, 2018

Everyone loves to travel, but it’s true that it isn’t always as exciting as it should be. If the thrill of exploring is beginning to wear off, then fear not - it’s not that you’re getting over traveling, but just that you need to make a few changes to make it a bit more exciting again. And the good news about this is that there is no shortage of options to bring the buzz back. Below, we take a look at a few ways that’ll have you back on your way to fun travel adventures in the year to come.


What Do You Want To Do?

First thing’s first: what is it you actually want to do when it comes to traveling? What are you looking for? Sometimes, we can get into the habit of being swept away by the recommendations of others. It’s tempting to travel to New York, for example, and let the city take care of entertaining you, but a better option is to look within, think about something you’d like to experience, and then find a destination that’ll give you that experience. It’s easy to get a little lost when traveling; there’s just so much to do! Take a breath, think about what you want, and get back to basics.

Mix Up the Destinations

Of course, sometimes it’s not that we're just blindly lead towards the city; in many cases, we love the type of destination that we visit again and again. But it’s worth remembering that it’s a big old world out there, and if you’re doing the same thing over and over, then there’ll be much that you’re missing out on! If you’re always visiting one of the world’s best cities, then, for your next trip, why not go somewhere that’s in the outdoors? There are plenty of beautiful places out there; go see them! Even if you eventually decide that you prefer the fun of the city to the outdoors, it’ll be a welcome break that shows you the possibilities that travel provides.

Out of the Comfort Zone

Remember the buzz of the first trips that you’d go on as an adult? Everything was exciting, because it was all new, and you had to figure things out as you went. You were out of your comfort zone! But the challenges of, say, getting around a new city get easier to manage after a while. In no time, you can feel pretty comfortable, when really, the best traveling experiences happen when you’re outside of your comfort zone. The good news is that this is easy to manufacture. So put the excitement back into your exploring by pushing yourself - or rather, forcing yourself - to try new things. This could easily be achieved by visiting a country where you don’t speak the language, for instance, or by setting limitations on your travel experiences (for example, “no Google maps to get around”).

Avoid the Plane

Traveling by plane has its advantages, but it’s not perfect - there are some pretty obvious downsides. Yet it’s the number one way to travel, people take flights all the time, and other ways to get around barely get a look in. So let’s change that. For your next trip, why not vow not to take a flight? You can get places by other transport options, such as trains, buses, cars, boats. You’ll find that they offer something that a plane can’t, especially in the case of trains and cars, which are enjoyable and comfortable, and which also show you the surrounding environment.


Set up a Base

One problem with traveling is that we’re rarely in one place long enough to fully appreciate all that the destination offers. Sometimes, we stay in a hotel for a few days, and while we can try and see all the main highlights, there are always things that we miss out on. As such, it’s a good idea to stay for as long as possible in one destination. Many people try and pack in as much as they can, but there is another way - it’s called ‘slow travel,’ and it emphasizes taking your time, and really enjoying where you are. So stay for as long as you can, opt for a rented house rather than a hotel, and enjoy a slower pace of life. You’ll find that it’s much easier to get a true sense of a destination when you’re not constantly rushing around, trying to cram everything in before moving on to the next place.

Revisit Old Favorites

While there’s much to be said for discovering new places, it’s also worthwhile revisiting your old favorites from time to time, too. If some years have passed since you last visited the destination, then there are likely to be a whole bunch of new attractions, eateries, and buildings to explore, especially if we’re talking about one of the world’s biggest cities, where things seem to change frequently.

Off the Beaten Path

It’s easy to get drawn to the world’s most popular tourist traveler spots, but that’s just because they’re the ones that we hear the most about. They are not the only destinations that are available! Even people who consider themselves to be well-traveled have really only seen a tiny percentage of it. If you go take a look at a map, you’ll realize that there are many corners of the world that you’ve never even heard of, let alone visited. Why not consider going to one of those places for your next trip?

With a Theme in Mind

It’s normal to let a destination do the work for you. By that, we mean you turn up, and let whatever the vibe and attractions of the place make your trip enjoyable. But there is another way: go deeper, way deeper, and let a specific theme by the guiding light of your travel adventures. Let’s say, for example, that you enjoy food. You could take a trip that specifically focuses on trying as many delicious dishes as possible. While you might also consider a glance at the other attractions that a destination provides, that’ll be secondary, if a consideration at all.

Activity Getaways

Have you ever visited a place with the sole intention of engaging in an activity? Then you should! A skiing trip, for example, can be very fun indeed. Don’t worry if you’ve never done it before - everyone has to start somewhere, and people usually pick it up pretty quickly. If you’re not quite keen to throw yourself down a mountain on skis, then why not consider the more tranquil hiking trip? It’ll just be you, your friends, and the great outdoors - perfect.

With a New Clan

We all have the people we love to take trips with, but what about mixing it up every now and again? New people provide a different experience, and you might find that they have ways of doing things that enhances your getaway. Alternatively, you could consider taking a trip just by yourself. It’s something everyone should do at one time or another, and you might just find that you notice more details, find yourself, and speak with the locals more.

Final Thoughts

As we’ve shown above, there are plenty of ways to put the buzz back into your traveling adventures! All it requires is a little bit of thought and consideration. The next time you’re planning a trip, think of the above, see if you can make your journey that little bit different. You’ll find that your love for adventuring comes back in no time.

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