Home Emergencies And How To Deal With Them

by - December 19, 2018

When you buy your first property, you have to deal with a lot of firsts. Buying your own furniture, dealing with bills and looking after the home. You now become a landlord to your own property, so you can’t rely on any help you got in the past. Home emergencies are unexpected and can happen at any moment. So to prepare yourself for the unexpected, here are a few home emergencies and how you can deal with them yourself before you hire professional help.

Frozen Pipes
Frozen pipes can be a common occurrence in a lot of homes over the colder months. It can be a serious problem if there’s no one around to turn off the water too.  The cause of frozen pipes is down to the weather and not putting on the heating so hot water can run through the pipes. Before you approach expert plumbing, heating, air, and electrical plumber lehi, open up all the faucets and locate the frozen area. Simply using a hair dryer to heat the pipes, can help unfreeze and allow water to flow through the pipes.

If a pipe has burst, that’s when you’ll need to call a plumber. Turn off your water and clean up any leaks caused by the pipe bursting before the plumber arrives.

Blocked Toilets And Drains
We can often let a lot of mess and debris fall down our drains and sometimes, we can accidentally block up a toilet. There are some things you can do to tackle this problem before calling a plumber. Pour bleach down the train or into the toilet in can help loosen the materials that are clogging the drain and then pouring hot water down can also help. Using plungers can be good to bring up the clogged material to help it flush back down the toilet. However, if you do it with a drain, you have to deal with the problem of removing it yourself.

Pests And Vermin
There’s nothing worse than realizing pests or vermin have gotten into the home, and it’ll likely need an exterminator to come in, depending on the amount of infestation. Sealing up your home is one way of avoiding any more of them getting in, so look around the exterior and interior points for any potential entry and exit points. You can set traps or poison yourself, and there’s plenty of different options available if you want more of a humane trap.

Power Failure
It can feel like being thrust into the dark ages when your power goes out but if it does, before calling an electrician, be sure to check your power supply to see if it’s simply caused by a light bulb bursting which can end up tripping all of the electricity.

It’s important to have some basic knowledge of trouble fixing problems when they occur in the home before you call in the professionals. It can end up saving you a lot of money, but it’s also good for gaining life skills.

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