Beating Your Insecurities As You Get Older

by - December 26, 2018

Insecurities can have a real impact on your life. You might have expected them to leave as you grew older, as surely all the other adults you know are sure of themselves and not insecure about anything? That’s the annoying things about insecurities. Other people can’t see them, and they don’t understand them. Someone else telling you that you have nothing to worry about doesn’t help either so what will?

Well, first of all, the first thing you need to remember is that most people have something about themselves they’re either not happy about or are working on. That means, that when you meet them, a majority of people are focused on how they come across, and not looking at your perceived flaws.

Also, when looking at other people, remember that all is not what it seems. Social media now has a significant impact on most people’s lives, but remember that every photo you see on Instagram, Facebook, or any other social media platform is not always the reality. People do not post the bad times of their holidays, their arguments, their bad photos of their bad angle with no makeup or when they’ve just woken up. All you see is them smiling, looking gorgeous and seemingly having a blast.

To feel more secure though, look at how you’re presenting yourself. Even if you're not happy with your body or your face, you can still look and feel great.  Making an effort with your clothes do make a difference to how you feel and even walk. Find a style that suits you and expresses your individual character. If you’re not sure what way to go, keep things simple for the time being and take influences from current trends but always inject some individuality in your style.

There are other things you can change too if you speak more confidently you can learn how to sharpen your argument and improve your tone which will give you significant advantages. People will find you intelligent and reliable if you crack the code of speaking. You can also enrich yourself with knowledge. Expose yourself to various information.

Basically, the thing you need to concentrate on is yourself, your confidence and accepting yourself. If you can boost your own confidence by going to the gym or getting a clear aligner, then do it. If you really want to win at life, compare yourself to you. How are you improving?

What skills have you acquired now that you didn’t have before? Would you say there’s been an improvement in your life since last year? How are you a better person? What have you learned? After all, in the journey that is life, the fiercest competition you have is really ONLY with yourself.

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