5 Ways to Stay Professional in the Field During Winter

by - December 11, 2018

Every time I look on Pinterest or in a magazine for professional wear inspiration, all I see are cute outfits perfect for the warmer months, climates, or for a cozy office cubicle. What if you don't always work in an temperature controlled office space? What if you can't pack the perfect pair of pumps in your bag and switch at your desk from snow boots while hearing about Karen from accountings cat having kittens over the weekend? What if you are someone out on the go, like myself? As a Financial Broker I don't always work from my home office or agency space. More times than not I am out meeting with clients, assessing property, needs and meeting families. That's something I love about my job. No chit chats over water cooler sips with the same group of people day after day. No walls feeling like they are closing in on you. Every day is something brand new and completely unpredictable. Though, I'm kept on my toes I am also rewarded generously by the efforts of my hustle.

One of the professional struggles I face is that sometimes it is difficult to get dressed on a rainy or snowy slush day... Of course I don't want to walk around from appointment to appointment in sloshy socks, but I still want to feel put together, professional and credible. That's something hopefully important to any entrepreneur out in the field. So I have compiled a short list of 5 ways I stay professional in the field during winter.

     1.) Upgrade Your Outerwear

Investing in a nice set of cold weather accessories is an easy way to snazz up an outfit. You need to stay warm, but that doesn't mean you have to look like the boy from the Christmas Story. Target has chic styles for affordable prices. Opt for ear warmers versus a hat. This way the hat won't generate static or ruin your hair do. 

     2.) Water Resistant Spray

Recently I purchased a new Guess jacket at the Tanger Outlet Mall in Park City. While at the check out with my jacket the clerk upsold me water and stain resistant spray. Normally, I wouldn't purchase such an item, but I am in love with my new designer jacket and plan on keeping it as a staple in my closet for as long as possible. After using the spray according to the directions I will never go back to wearing leather, suede, or anything commonly worn in undesirable weather that is unprotected. I am certain without the protective spray my $300 jacket I purchased on sale for $70 would have been a goner by now. Keep your professional outerwear clean, pressed, and stain free. Splurge on the $6.99 protectant at checkout the next time a retail worker suggests an upsell. You won't regret it. 

     3.) Heels ARE NOT the Only Professional Shoe

I have been trained by numerous people who have been in various corners of the financial industry for years. When I say this I mean the financial industry is saturated with mentors close to clocking out and opening the door to retirement. Not that this is a bad thing... Just some of the advise they have passed down has become a little outdated. Times are always changing. I have heard over and over and read in many employee handbooks, closed toe heels, are the professional shoe allowed for woman in the workplace. Sure that works great for a minimum wage bank teller or the customer service manager at a department store, but what about people who are out in the field or working remotely? I have had fun experimenting with the range of footwear I feel is comfortable and professional enough to work in the field. 
Mostly my tips are to keep your footwear clean and presentable. If you are in a climate like I am, northern Utah known for being the home of the World's Greatest Snow, no one is going to judge you for wearing boots. They may look at you weird if you showed up unprepared for the weather that day in heels. Keep the colors neutral, matching in line with your outfit, and designs mild. 

     4.) Dress in Layers

Many times the temperature can fluctuate throughout the days during the winter. As the sun comes out it can become warmer and as the day goes on the temperature may decrease. Dressing in layers makes it easy to stay warm during the times of day it's a bit more chilly and easily removable layers are nice as the sun warms up. A simple cardigan over a blouse or accessories such as a nice scarf are perfect for layering in the winter, 

     5.) Protect Your Gear 

As a broker I often travel with a tablet, a chromebook, binder, notebook and much more. The cold damp weather can be hazardous on tech products such as laptops, tablets, and cell phones. I keep all my gear in an insulated, cushioned, carrying bag. This way if there were to be rain or an icy patch that makes me stumble all my professional necessities are protected. A splash in a puddle, doesn't stop my hustle. 

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