Time To Give Your Home The Once Over!

by - November 07, 2018

Are you proud of the four walls around you? Do you love sitting down in a living room you decorated to your own standards, making sure you were comfortable enough to spend hours inside it without going mad? Probably, if you care about it enough to find out what kind of checks you need to do on it, without even contacting a professional first!  

Turning a house into a home that’s perfect for you takes a lot of time and effort, and all that work means you want to take care of the structure that keeps you safe and warm whenever you want it! So now’s the time for you to give your house a quick once over, to make sure it’s completely structurally sound and ready to see out the winter ahead. Here’s a couple of the best places to start with.

If only winter was as peaceful as it looked! (Source)

Is the Roof Completely Stable?

The winters are getting worse and worse, and you might just want to get your checks in on yours before it’s too late. The weather these kind of cold and dry temperatures can bring down on you can really dry out or crack old insulation, if you haven’t had it refitted in recent years, and the rain can do a lot of damage to the loose roof tiles and loose guttering you have holding the top of your house together.

You want your roof to be stable, seeing as it does more for your structural integrity than your fours walls, and keeps everyone safe and warm in the home they love and trust. And when you’ve got some roofing experts available to take your call about a home check or even a new fitting, there’s no point in giving this step a miss!

How is Your Plumbing Doing?

The plumbing in your house might just be on its way out, and you probably haven’t noticed this quite yet. Your toilet doesn’t flush as well as it used to, the hot water takes a while to make it out of the tap, and the winter being on its way is only going to make this currently bearable situation a lot worse.

So the first thing you’ll want to do is to make sure the pipes don’t freeze up on you, and wrap them up in gauze and lining to keep them from expanding and bursting with icy water inside. Whilst you’re at it, make sure none of your taps are leaky or dripping, and feel free to replace them to make sure they don’t start leaking when you’re not around. Then, you might want to invest in a call out to a plumber, to make sure you don’t need to take any further action.

Your home deserves a little bit of TLC before you and the family properly get into the Christmas spirit! This is your best chance to make sure your home for the winter holiday is perfectly safe, warm, and comfortable.

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