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by - November 03, 2018

Milo is growing faster than a weed. You know the saying "growing like a weed."? Well I wish that was the case here. My tenacious little tot is filling out his 3T clothes at an unbelievable rate. The last clothing haul I did from Target : Toddler Fall Clothing Haul | Rock N Roll Prince the clothes were a little bit big still. Something for him to grow into. Now they fit perfectly and that was only a month ago. Milo has his cranky moments from growing pains, but he is turning into a charming little boy. Since cleaning out his closet of all the items that no longer fit him and taking them to a Kid to Kid for resale and donation I noticed his closet was a bit more bare than I expected. So that called for another trip to Target for more cozy, comfy fall and winter necessities.

 Toddler Boys' Mock Neck Pullover Sweater with Toggle Sweater - Cat & Jack™ Green

This sweater is so cute and adds a snidbit of class for a day that requires a little more handsome style. I like the three rope latch buttons on the neck and the crowl fit so it's not too tight or itchy.

Toddler Boys' Nickelodeon Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Short Sleeve T-Shirt - Red - image 1 of 1

Toddler Boys' Nickelodeon Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Short Sleeve T-Shirt - Red

The Ninja Turtles... Enough said. Now, I'm not one for character styles, but when it comes to bands, classic movies or just timeless fun I can't resist. The Ninja Turtles were one of my favorite shows as a kid and Target is making it super fun with their retro and vintage fashions to share that with my son. If you haven't already been diving into the 90's 80's 70's and even 60's throwback fashions at Target what are you waiting for?

Toddler Boys' Metallica Short Sleeve T-Shirt - Black - image 1 of 1

Does a toddler really need a Metallica t-shirt? I think YES and as it was on sale for only $6.00 buckaroonies I couldn't help myself. I didn't want to become one of the unforgiven for not snagging it up when I had the chance. 

Ok so you might have noticed I don't dress Milo like a typical toddler. I like to have a little funk and a little edge with our style. When I shop for him, sure I pick out things I like, but I also include his personality. When I unwrapped this shirt from the shipment packaging he lunged for it. The entire day he wore it for the first time he kept looking down at it and rubbing it. So I'm going to pat myself on the back and say he is a smokey bear fan. 

Milo has a ton of these little henley long sleeve shirts and I think they are super adorbs. The Cat & Jack brand is so charming, soft, and affordable. The quality is fantastic too.

Junk Food Toddler Boys' Grateful Dead Concert Hooded Sweatshirt - Gray

Milo has a few Grateful Dead pieces hanging in his closet. They are one of my all time favorite bands and Milo has been a fan since he was born. One of the first pieces of clothing I ever bought him was a Grateful Bear onesie from an Etsy shop. I love watching Milo dance around when we play music and this hoodie is so soft and lightweight. Perfect for fall and layering in the winter. It also shows old tour dates on the back. Which I thought was a nice touch. Junk Food always pays attention to detail.  

With the colder months fast approaching I want Milo to be as cozy, warm, and stylish as possible. These Cat & Jack joggers have the functional drawstring you know I love! Milo is tall but lean so pants are always a struggle for us. The drawstring is always helpful and if your toddler is in the same boat as Milo I highly recommend these Cat & Jack pants. 

I am absolutely obsessed with these moto joggers. They are a bit baggier than a typical jogger leaving them with a bit more edgy hip hop look. So comfy and cute on a little tot. 

The Afton Street brand is a new one I am trying for the first time. I am loving it so far. These quilted grey joggers have an extra cushion knee which is not only functional but super cute. 

Toddler Boys' Dino Puffer Jacket - Cat & Jack Green

I was originally going to go with a more mature style winter jacket from Carter's, but then I saw this Green Dino jacket from Cat & Jack. I thought this was a bit more fun and a little more Milo's style currently. Toddlers just want to have fun and what's more fun than a jacket that makes you look like a dinosaur?

Toddler Boys' Snow Pants - Cat & Jack™ Orange

The jacket above has dino spikes on the hood and orange accents throughout the jacket so pairing it with the orange snow bibs from Cat & Jack just fit so perfectly together. 

Finding boots to match was probably the hardest thing during this haul. But these little Cat & Jack boots are super insulated and non slip. Ideal for the upcoming Salt Lake City winter.

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