Suburban Struggles: Simple Steps To Stop Your House From Looking Like Every Other One On The Block

by - November 27, 2018

There are many benefits to suburban living, especially when you have a young family. Streets like these offer a quiet and safe place for your kiddies to play. And, let’s be frank; suburbia is a rather pretty place to be. There’s just one issue; every house looks the same. Literally. The chances are that even your interiors are identical. Before you know, then, you could start to a Revolutionary Road-style breakdown about living somewhere like this. Where’s the sense of identity? How can you tell your house apart from the others?


After a while of living in a property like this, it isn’t unusual to want to mix things up. Namely, you may find that you want to do your own thing with the appearance of your property. While this may be unheard of in your safe little street, it’s a simple way to stop your suburban breakdown. That’s why you should consider the following alterations which can bring back your sense of identity, even while living in suburbia.

Get rid of that siding

We’ve all seen endless rows of houses with identical siding. As cute as it is, it can get a little freaky when your neighbors have the same color and design. But, that’s usually what happens in building estates like these. Your first step, then, should be to replace your siding. There are a few alternatives here. You could go for bare brick like those London houses you love so much. Or, you could replace your siding with something like the stucco designs offered by Love Your Stucco. These are sure to offer a stylish finish which stands out from the crowd. Either way, you do it best when you do it differently!

Add interest to your lawn

Aside from having identical houses, suburbia also tends to include identical lawns. Namely, patches of grass without much going for them. All the better for fitting more houses in, and reducing the need for garden maintenance. Another simple way to change things up, then, would be to add some interest to your front lawns. As well as boosting your curb appeal, this could really see your property standing on its own. What’s more, there are endless ways to do this. You could install flower beds, plant a small row of trees, or even go all out with patio stones. In many ways, the wilder you go here, the better results you’ll see.

Get outlandish with your front door

If you’re hesitant to go quite as extreme as the above, why not stick with something like an outlandish front door? Bright colors here are all the rage this season. This alone could add interest to your house which your neighbors don’t have. Forget that plain wooden door your property came with, then. Consider a green or pink option with a sizeable stained glass window included. This ensures your house catches the eye over everyone else’s. One thing’s sure; you won’t be able to forget which house is yours this way.

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