Is There A Lazy Way To Lose Weight?

by - November 02, 2018

What if losing weight wasn’t so hard? What if there was a magic way to lose weight without having to follow brutal exercise regimes or adhere to strict crash diets? Here’s a look into several alternative weight loss methods that some may consider lazy. Are they really as effortless as people make out – and more importantly are they effective?


Going under the knife may seem the easiest way to lose weight – you’re effectively letting a surgeon do it for you. It’s certainly quick and effective, however that isn’t to say that it’s completely easy. Many surgeons will require you to lose some weight before the procedure, whether its liposuction or a tummy tuck, so you’ll still need to shed some pounds yourself first via other methods. You’ve also got to be comfortable with the procedure – it could be worth doing your research first such as watching liposuction videos to ensure you’re completely happy to go ahead. On top of this, surgery is costly and may not be within everyone’s budgets.

Weight loss pills

There are a number of weight loss pills on the market that claim to boost metabolism and break down fat. On the surface these may seem like a magic solution, but sadly it’s not just a case of taking a pill and letting the pounds roll off. Most weight loss pills are only effective when used in conjunction with exercise and dieting. There’s also been much debate as to whether the ingredients of these pills physically have any impact, or whether it’s simply a placebo effect.

Waist trainers

Waist trainers are essentially corsets that compress the waist making you appear thinner. Many manufacturers of these products claim that they can help you get slimmer by training your waist to be more compressed, but the reality is much like taking weight loss pills – you need to also exercise and diet at the same time for these waist trainers to have any impact. Wearing a waist trainer alone most likely won’t achieve anything – as lazy as it is, it’s not effective.

Home exercise

There are plenty of exercises that you can do at home whilst watching the TV. For those that don’t want to trek down to the gym or go jogging on a cold winter’s morning, this can be a lazier alternative. Home exercise can also be effective. Of course, it’s not entirely effortless, as you do still need to be physically active and push your body to it’s limits. Here is where most people fail – you need to be able to stick to a routine and still work up a sweat.  

Chewing gum

Chewing gum between meals can suppress one’s appetite and reduce the need to snack. For this reason, it’s often used by people wanting to lose weight. Whilst it can be an effective way to cut down on snacks, it may not necessarily help you shed the pounds if you’re still eating junk food for your main meals. It’s a useful supplement, but it can’t replace a healthy diet.   

So is there a lazy way to lose weight?

Sadly not. All the methods above - including surgery - require doing some dieting and exercise on top. These methods can however be used as supplements that could prevent you from having to exercise or diet quite as hard. There’s no lazy way to lose weight, but there are certainly simpler ways.

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