How To Transform Your Living Room Into An Entertainment Hub

by - November 02, 2018

Your living room should be the main entertainment area of your home. It’s where the family should come together and enjoy movie nights or series binges. Keeping that in mind, here are a few things you should do to transform your living room into an immersive entertainment hub:

Buy A Big Enough TV

Naturally, things start with your TV. Size kind of matters; it’s better if you buy a TV that’s big enough for everyone to watch with ease. There’s nothing worse than straining to see the screen when you’re sat quite far away; it ruins the viewing experience! I’m not saying you need a massive 50 inch TV, but consider the size of your living room. If you’ve got a spacious area with the seats quite spread out far away from the television, then you need a suitable TV to offer a great view to everyone. On the other hand, if your living room is small and enclosed, then a huge TV is a bit too much as it’ll dominate the room and be too big. Lastly, consider the quality of the television over pretty much anything else. It needs to be at least 4k if you want the ultimate entertainment experience. This lets you watch things in crisp detail, which really helps make everything far more enjoyable.

Get An Entertainment Package For Your TV

Having a nice TV isn’t enough to transform your living room into the ultimate entertainment hub for your family. Along with this, you need access to the entertainment itself! Gone are the days where cable TV was the only option if you wanted to watch a lot of TV and movies with your family. Now, you can get bundle packages that give you TV channels, WiFi, and various on-demand streaming services all rolled into one. This type of package is great if you want to save money, and you can learn about Optimum if you’re interested in this type of thing. Of course, it’s not for everyone, and you could just get a streaming subscription if you wanted. However, we’re talking about creating the ultimate entertainment room here! So, by combining fast internet with lots of TV channels and streaming services, then you have everything you need to keep the whole family happy and entertained.

Mount The TV On A Wall

The way you position your TV will definitely have a bearing on how practical your living room is. Most people just plonk it on a stand and leave it at that. However, if possible, you should mount it on the wall. Use a secure bracket to keep it in place, and you’ll have a nice screen in a much better position for people to look at. The higher position makes it more comfortable to watch, and you can even get mounts that let you tilt and swivel the screen to adjust the viewing angles.

Install Dimmer Switches

The first few points have dealt with the actual source of entertainment in your living room. Now, we can look at creating a better atmosphere and ambience! To start, you need to install dimmer switches to control the lighting. Everyone knows that the lighting plays a significant role in how you feel when watching TV or a movie. This is why cinemas always turn off the lights to create a more enclosed atmosphere. With dimmer switches, you can alter the tone of the lighting to reflect whatever you’re watching. For scary movies you can turn them off completely, for more lighthearted ones you can have it dimmed slightly, and so on. It’s such a simple hack, but it really works wonders in how the room feels.

Set Up An Immersive Sound System

Next, you need to work on the sound system in your living room. I often find this is something you don’t tend to think of until you experience the benefits of an immersive sound system. Get speakers set up near the TV and around the room. This helps bring the whole cinema experience into your home, and some speakers add extra style points to the design as well! Even if you just go for external speakers in front of your TV, it provides a much better sound than the built-in TV speakers. Everything sounds a lot clearer, louder, and way more immersive.

Organize The Seating Around Your TV

The set up of your living room should revolve around your entertainment system. When planning where different seats will go, they should be placed in a way that makes it easy to view the television. Get your main sofa lined up so it has the perfect view right in front of the telly. For any additional sofas or armchairs, make sure they’re angled so they also have a good view. This ensures that no matter where you sit, you’ll have a comfortable viewing experience!

Buy Some Beanbag Chairs

If you really want to improve the comfort of your living room and make it a great entertainment hub, then get your hands on some beanbag chairs. They will give you a few extra seating options when loads of people are over, but they also provide some extra relaxation and comfort. You can sink into a beanbag when you’re on your own watching some TV, and it’s just complete and utter bliss. Combine this with the dimmed lights, and you’re on to a winner.

Get A Coffee Table Set

Finally, you need to get a coffee table set for your living room. Here, there should be one main coffee table that can sit in front of your big sofa. Then, there should be smaller ones that you can move around to different seats. The whole purpose of this is to give you somewhere to place drinks and snacks on! So, you don’t have to move as much, which means you can sit comfortably and enjoy your snacks while you watch.

Follow this guide, and you’ll soon have an incredible living room for your family to enjoy. It’ll be set up to entertain everyone, and you’ll have endless hours of fun.

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