Designing The Lazy Cook’s Ultimate Kitchen

by - November 12, 2018

Love to rustle up some tasty treats in the kitchen, but get put off by all the work involved, and the cleaning afterward? Well, you're not alone, as, for many of us, it can often seem easier to call the fast food joint around the corner and get a pizza delivered. However, you no longer need to let the work involved in cooking stop you. In fact, if you follow the guidelines for the kitchen below you can be as lazy as you like and still eat great home cooked meals on a regular basis!


First off, lazy cooks will want to get the design of their kitchen space right. After all, you don't want to have to walk all the way from one end to the other, just to get a needed ingredient out of the refrigerator, or chuck scraps in the bin.

This is where the flow of your kitchen design comes in, as you need to ensure all the critical appliances and features that are required for preparation and cooking are not only close to one another, but also in the right order as well. Something you can find out more about here.


Once you have the basic design in place, it's time to think about the finish that you want in your kitchen. Of course for lazy cooks like us, easy cleaning and convenience is a must.

Therefore it's always better to pick kitchen cabinets that don't mark easily when you open them, meaning high gloss finishes are out. Also, read this if you are looking for countertops that are so sturdy and durable that you don't even need to put in the work of getting out and using a chopping board when you cook. Something that will seriously cut down the effort you need to put into your post cooking washing up!


Remember too that when it comes to keeping a kitchen clean, the floor can be problematic. This is because it needs to be hygienic, and durable, but also not take forever to wash and dry.

To that end choosing a floor type such as sheet vinyl or linoleum is the wisest choice. The reason being that this has no gaps for grout and therefore is easy to clean quickly with a wipe or mop.


It's not just cleaning the kitchen that takes up a lot of time and effort but the actually preparing and cooking of food as well. Luckily, for lazy cooks, there is some smart tech in the pipeline that can make even this easier.

In fact, the ultimate appliance for cooks that don't want to put too much effort in might just be the smart oven. Current models can already recommend how long to cook particular dishes, and even be controlled via your smartphone for remote access, meaning you can get the dinner on during your commute!

In the future, they are likely to be able to do even more wondrous tasks as well. Such as reading barcodes from food packing and using the data from this to automatically cook your meal for the perfect amount of time, even without having to check on it every 5 minutes. Now, a lazy cook couldn't ask more than that, could they?

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