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by - October 06, 2018

Well, this news may be a shock and to many of you a surprise but... I found me a fella! A bone and broad, real life man. He lives and breathes and everything. I know I am known as 'that single mom blogger', but he was such a catch, I couldn't toss him back into the dating pond of life. He also, just so happens to be a huge Boston Bruins NHL fan. Boston being my favorite city and all, I decided I would become the cute and supportive girlfriend and check out the bruins apparel to see if it's my color. Any excuse to shop is a win in my book and lucky for boston fans everywhere the apparel is super chic and looks absolutely adorable on me. I compiled a short list of 4 Bruin inspired fan gal outfits for your game day fashion inspiration. 

Outfit Combo #1

This outfit is for the "Logo Lover". Still cozy, simple, and active this first combination of fan apparel is bound to make you stand out in the stands. Joggers pair perfectly with sneakers or boots. 

Outfit Combo #2

Are you on the edgy side? Do you walk with a little sass in your step? If you answered yes then this is the outfit for you. The gold zip jacket adds some edge while the Scrunchy What 7/8 leggings add all the sexy sass you'll need to cheer on the Bruins in for the win. Mix and Match any of the accessories at the bottom for added Bruins flare. 

Outfit Combo #3

It's chilly in the rink, so stay warm and stylish with this black puffer vest and heavenly long sleeve tees. The pocket light n tight capris hit me right above the ankle so no bunching at the bottom which I love. The perfect length for my fellow boot lovers out there. 

Outfit Combo #4 

Pops of Bruin color! The white bomber jacket will keep you cozy while the black grid bra and the yellow twist tank spice up your fandom. The white and black striped leggings will add some subtle funky flare. 

Mix n Match 

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