What I am Loving for Fall 2018 | Toddler Edition

by - September 07, 2018

Costume Discounters

Fall is almost here and I surely can not be the only one over the blazing summer heat. Milo is ready for cooler weather and we are having a blast getting ready for our favorite time of year! Not only is fall one of the most glorious, colorful, and comfortable times of year, but Milo's birthday is also this month! He will be two on the 19th of September! Can you even believe it? I know I can't. So in honor of this magnificently blessed time of year I have compiled a short list of what I am loving this season for my little baby beast as he enters into the terrible twos. Also, if you would like to see a video version of this on my YouTube channel let me know in the comments below!

If you have been following along with my blog or social media for even the shortest amount of time I am sure it is not a shock to you that a sensitive, ultra dry, skincare item is first on my toddlers fall essentials list! Milo has extremely sensitive and eczema prone skin and as we recently transferred pediatricians this Gold Bond Ultimate Rough & Bumpy Daily Skin Therapy was recommended to us by our new doctor and it has truly worked wonders! I have searched high and low for a good lotion for him and this one is deeply nourishing while still being gentle enough to use nightly. Perfect soother for his eczema!

Let's just get all the new favorites in toddler skincare out of the way first thing why don't we! Recently, Milo picked out this baby wash during one of our trips to Target and after seeing some changes from Johnson's in the terms of their ingredients and product standards I figured I would give them a try. This Johnson’s Skin Nourishing Baby Wash with Shea & Cocoa Butter is so nourishing on Milo's skin and leaves behind a gentle calming scent I can't get enough of. No breakouts or reactions from their new hypoallergenic formula that is designed purely without parabens, phthalates, sulfates or dyes. I am over the moon about their thoughtful changes and the price point is surprisingly the same with or without the added chemicals so that is a huge plus!

 As the weather begins to cool I am stocking up on plenty of educational and developmental activities Milo and I can do indoors. He is obsessed with these Melissa & Doug puzzles and games! If you aren't a fan of Melissa & Doug already, they have a wide variety of toys for all ages to nurture creativity and inspire imagination.


Have you ever been to Build -a- Bear? I unfortunately have not, but with Milo's 2nd birthday coming up this month I thought it would be a super fun activity for us to do as a little celebration. He is getting to the age where he loves to watch things work and is totally fascinated by new happenings and surroundings. So I can't wait to see how he reacts to watching a plush toy of his choosing come to "life"! If you want to see a Build -a- Bear Birthday Vlog on my YouTube channel let me know in the comments!

Columbia - Steens Mt Overlay Hooded Fleece Jacket - Toddler Boys' - Timberwolf

Every once in a while I'll throw Milo's dad a bone and let him make a choice. Boosting his parental ego and this year he wanted to pick out Milo's fall jacket. So we made a trip to where you may be wondering... Cabela's of course. If you know Milo's dad personally you are most likely not surprised because he could basically not shop anywhere else for the rest of his life. However, this Columbia Toddler Boys Steens Mt Overlay Hoodie is adorable! Cosy and warm with a water resistant outer portion. Ideal for these rainy Salt Lake City autumn days ahead. 

I just picked up these American Eagle high top casual toddler boots for Milo at payless for $19.99! How stinkin' cute!? I am obsessed with toddler shoes now that Milo will actually walk in and wear them. He used to refuse to wear shoes but now he digs them out of the closet when asked and sits in his little toddler chair begging me to put them on him. These are so dapper and come in a few different color combinations! I am seriously loving the American Eagle line at Payless currently!

Costume Discounters

Those are a few of the current items I am loving for my toddler this fall. If you are loving any of the products listed above or want to share some of your fall faves feel free to hit up the comment section below! 

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  1. The Casual show looks so comfortsble love the color!

    1. Right! I saw them and I couldn't pass them up! Plus Payless is having a bogo sale currently and I got a pair of slip on moccasins that are super cute for fall and cozy as all heck