Bug Off: How To Keep Bugs Out Of Your Home

by - June 18, 2018

As the temperature increases in summer, so do the amount of bugs. Here are just some of the measures that you can take to make your home a bug-free zone.  

Buy bug screens for your windows

Keeping your windows shut will stop the majority of bugs from getting in, but this means having to sacrifice ventilation in the summer. If you want to let the breeze in but keep the bugs out, you could consider getting bug screens fitted. These contain tiny holes that are too small to let in insects. Sites such as Fly Screen Queen specialise in these bug barriers. You can also buy bug barriers for sliding doors and large windows.  

Seal up cracks

Cracks in walls could be letting in creepy crawlies such as ants, termites and spiders. Homes are often full of tiny cracks that we don’t even realise are there and sealing them all up is almost impossible, however there may be obvious fissures in your home that you can seal up. Caulk is the cheapest and most effective way of doing this, although major cracks may need professional intervention. Alternatively, if there’s a trail of ants coming through a crack in the wall, you could spray this with a deterrent such as boric acid or lemon juice which will stop the ants using that entry point.

Keep your home clean

The likes of ants and cockroaches are likely to come in looking for food debris, whilst other food smells may attract flies and wasps. Cleaning up crumbs and spillages could stop a lot of bugs from wanting to come into your home. Discouraging flies could in turn prevent spiders from wanting to live in your home. A lot of cleaning chemicals are great bug deterrents due to the chemicals contained within them. Even soapy water can help to deter bugs such as ants.

Make sure all food in contained

Food that isn’t sealed up could also be attracting bugs. Sugary foods should never be left out as ants will track these down and have a feast. Any food that isn’t already in packaging should be sealed up in a plastic tub or a jar – simply putting something away in a cupboard is unlikely to be enough and ants will be able to find their way in.

Keep your home dry

Many bugs thrive in humid conditions, particularly mosquitoes. If your home has a problem with damp, consider buying a dehumidifier. An extractor fan in the bathroom could also help to suck out moisture in the air and prevent bugs from wanting to get in. You should also be careful of leaving sinks full of water or leaving still water in your home as mosquitoes may decide to nest here.

Use chemical pesticides

You can buy pesticides on the market to help kill insects. These include sprays and liquids to use around the home. If you have children and pets, you should always check that these pesticides aren’t potentially toxic. Many products will have this information detailed on the label – you can also find details online about pesticides.

Repel bugs with natural scents

If you want to steer clear of chemicals, there are a number of natural scents that some people have found work well at repelling bugs. One of the most common examples is citronella, which is very effective against mosquitoes. You can buy citronella candles to place around your home or you could grow a citronella plant outdoors. Peppermint and cinnamon are also popular scents to use against bugs – the likes of ants, fleas and moths have been found to dislike the odour that these spices give off. You could similarly use scented candles or use an oil diffuser to help create these scents.

Hang up a fake wasp’s nest

For those that have been having trouble with wasps, you could try hanging up a fake nest outside your home. Wasps are territorial and they won’t trespass into an area that already contains a nest from another colony. Products such as The Waspinator fake nest are made to look like real wasp’s nests and should be enough to scare off the pesky bugs. Some people have found that hanging up a crumpled paper bag works just as well.

Put a fountain in your pond

Still water such as a pond is the perfect nesting ground for mosquitoes. If you’ve got a pond, consider adding some form of filtration system such as a fountain that will keep the water moving – this will deter the mosquitoes. Also look out for plant pots or watering cans that are full of rainwater as these may also attract mozzies.

Know when to call in the professionals

Some bug problems could need professional intervention. A nest is generally not something you want to attempt to get rid of yourself, especially if its red ants or wasps. There may also be times where in an infestation is located within the walls. There are many companies out there such as ABC Home & Commercial Pest Control that can get rid of everything from termites to fire ants. You can shop around for these companies online to find one catered to your needs.

Buy bug-repellent gadgets

You may be able to repel bugs by investing in various gadgets for your home. One such gadget is the bug zapper – these devices disguise as lights, but send an electrical discharge to any bugs that land on them. Such devices are great for the garden when sitting out in the evening, although some people find them a little barbaric. You can also try gadgets such as the Majeck ultrasonic pest repeller, which uses high frequencies to scare and disorientate bugs – this has been found to work against insects such as mosquitoes and moths, but not roaches and ants that don’t have a sense of hearing.

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