Transforming Your Garden Into A Social Space

by - May 04, 2018

The Lovesac CompanyA garden should be a place for socialising whether it’s enjoying family meals al fresco or inviting round friends and family for outdoor parties. Here are a few ways of transforming your garden into a social space.

Designate a social area

Having a designated area for socialising means that you can still use the rest of your garden for other purposes. Most people mark off this designated social area by laying down a patio which gives you even and hard ground for putting outdoor furniture on. Companies such as Stylemaster Patios can help to construct a stylish patio area. Another option could be to get a decking area set up, which could be raised or on the ground. You could even mark it off with gravel as a cheap option. Most people position this social area near the house allowing easy access for cooking or a quick escape from the rain, however you may want to position it at the end of the garden if this area gets the most sun throughout the day.

Upgrade your outdoor furniture

It’s worth investing in some comfortable outdoor furniture that will encourage you to sit outside. This should also be weatherproof enough to withstand the wind, sun and rain. Cheap plastic chairs generally aren’t comfortable nor are they particularly weatherproof, often cracking in the sun and rain when left out. That said, this is a cheap option, and you can always store chairs away in a shed when not in use to help preserve them. Wooden or wicker furniture is generally more comfortable and weatherproof. There are lots of different wooden and wicker furniture options to consider from cheap fold up table sets to luxury outdoor lounge suites. There’s also cast iron furniture to consider – this is heavy and will stay put in strong winds, but can be prone to rust. The likes of Wayfair have a great range of outdoor furniture to choose from to cater for all budgets.

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Invest in a premium barbecue

A good barbecue will also encourage you to cook outside more often. Whilst some people love a traditional coal barbecue, those that favour speed and convenience may prefer to upgrade to a gas or an electric barbecue. These modern grills can prevent you having to wait to warm up the coals, as well as allowing temperature control. The likes of this Expert Reviews guide can help you to track down the best barbecue for your needs – a reliable grill should last for years. Try to place your barbecue within the social area of your garden so that the person manning the barbecue isn’t completely isolated at the other end of the garden.

Add lighting for the evenings

If you’re having outdoor parties, it’s nice to be able to stay outdoors long into the evening. Adding some outdoor lighting can help to keep your patio or decking lit after dark. Solar lights are the most economical option for providing lighting although many only offer an ambient glow. For something brighter, you may want to install a motion sensing light on the wall that’s plugged into the mains or battery operated. For something a little more rustic and atmospheric, you could always use candles and lanterns. Paper lanterns can be a beautiful touch as can traditional Victorian lanterns.

Stay warm when the temperature drops

Outdoor heating could help to keep you warm when the temperature starts to drop in the summer evenings. It could even allow you to get year-round use out of your garden. There are lots of forms of outdoor heating, the most traditional being to use fire. You could consider building a fire pit, which is essentially like a campfire in your garden, ideal for huddling around. Another option could be to buy a chiminea – you can position these wear you like and even use the top for cooking on. Those willing to splash out extra money could meanwhile consider an electric or gas patio heater. These can allow instant heating when you need it and can be positioned wherever you like.  

Provide shelter from the sun and rain

It could be worth adding a canopy over part of your patio or decking to help shelter people from the elements. This could help to provide shade from the sun on an intensely hot day, whilst also providing cover from the rain if you happen to be caught in a surprise shower. This canopy could be a fabric option such as a gazebo. Alternatively, you could build a fixed roof to hang over your social area. If you’re really feeling fancy, you could even build a roof that has the ability to open and close with the flick of a switch.  

Play music outdoors

When it comes to playing music outdoors, you may want to be careful about using conventional speakers – these may not be waterproof and could get damaged outside. There are plenty of specialist speakers out there that are wireless and waterproof, making them ideal for outdoor use. The likes of Goodman’s outdoor rock speakers can even help to blend in with your garden, keeping a natural feel.

Deter unwanted guests

Unwanted guests such as ants, mosquitoes and wasps can ruin your outdoor experience. Consider setting up deterrent measures so that your garden parties aren’t interrupted by these critters. Citronella candles are a popular deterrent against mosquitoes. Ants meanwhile hate scents like cinnamon and peppermint. As for wasps, you can buy fake wasps nests to hang outdoors – these can trick wasps into thinking that there’s already a colony in that area and can scare them off. There are also various gadgets for getting rid of bugs such as electric bug zappers and ultrasonic pest repellents. Always read reviews of these products online to see how effective they really are and whether they’re worth your money.

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