Could You Afford a Budget Trip to Disney World Florida?

by - May 23, 2018

Florida is one of the most magical places for a family vacation, but if you plan to travel with your kids, then they’ll want to hear that you’re taking them to Disney World. Walt Disney World is right in the centre of Florida and is one of the most exciting places for children to visit. It sees well over 20 million visitors per year and the number is gradually increasing.

Sadly, most people see Disney World as one of the most expensive places to visit for a family holiday, but with this guide, you’ll learn that it’s actually very affordable to plan an all-inclusive trip to Disney World, provided you do it yourself!

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Make travel cheaper

If you have to fly to Florida then make sure you book a flight as early as possible. This includes looking on the internet on websites such as Skyscanner to locate where the cheapest flights are, what airline to go with and how much it will cost for a return. The flight isn’t the most expensive part of the holiday (in most cases) but it will certainly take a huge chunk out of your budget. If you don’t have to fly, then make sure you look for the cheapest route by comparing things like fuel costs to train tickets or even coach rides.

Make eating cheaper

Eating inside the parks can be a fun experience, but if you plan to visit several times during your stay in Florida, then it might be best to bring packed lunches and eat outside the park when you return to your hotel. This will help you save a lot of money, but do make sure to at least sample the foods at Disney World once to get the full magical experience.

Make accommodation cheaper

There are plenty of places to sleep near Disney World itself, but you’ll find the best deals by looking around and searching further away. For example, Regency Inn & Suites is much cheaper than any of the resorts near Florida, offers a fantastic view of the Gulf of Mexico and is less than two hours away. It’s far cheaper and also lets you explore other parts of Florida and not just Disney World.

Saving on entry tickets

There are actually several great ways to save on entrance fees. You just need to keep an eye out on Disney World’s website and also follow them on social media to learn about the latest offerings. For instance, in December 2017, Disney World had a promotion that gave a 14-day Ultimate Ticket for the same price as the seven-day version. You should also always buy Disney World tickets on their website by booking instead of paying at the gate since it’s far cheaper to do so.

Picking the right time

Orlando is usually blazing hot during the summer holidays and it’s when most people decide to visit. However, prices around April are actually around 30% cheaper and it may be a much better time to visit if you’re trying to put together a budget holiday. Take a look at travel and accommodation fees for the entire year and pick a period that suits your budget.

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