100 Ab Challenge

by - May 01, 2018

I recently came across a fitness challenge on twitter called the 100 squat challenge and I highly considered doing it. Though, as a mom growing my booty isn't at the top of my problem area list. So, I decided to switch up this challenge and focus on what I really want to change in 30 days...Abs! My core took a huge hit during and after my pregnancy as I am sure, if you are tuning into my #MommyMuscles series, you can relate. Abs are a stubborn and problem area for most woman and definitely new mothers so in this challenge I will be doing, instead of squats, 100 core workouts a day for 30 days! ie: 100 crunches, 100 leg lifts, 100 russian twists etc. doing one exercise per day. I will also be taking a before and after picture along with posting a video of the workouts over on my YouTube channel! Make sure to subscribe so you don't miss it. If you decide to follow me along in this challenge make sure to Tweet me using the hashtags #100abchallenge #FitnessFocus & #MommyMuscles and feel free to tag me on Instagram! I love seeing your journeys! This series has helped me stay motivated and I'm glad to see it's been doing the same for many of you.

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30 Core Exercise Movement Ideas
Here are some movements for you to try. Make sure you switch up the area of the abs you target from day to day. I will put an asterisk next to my favorite movements! Any products you may need in this challenge will be linked in the workout list below. Your local gym may also have anything and everything you may want to try using in this challenge. No equipment is needed to complete this challenge this list along with the linked equipment is only for your convenience and inspiration. Make sure to leave in the comments if you are going to be following me along in this #100AbChallenge! Good Luck in your challenge and lets see those before and after pictures!!! 

1. Ab Wheel Rollout
2. Arms-High Partial Sit Up*
3. Barbell Rollout
4. Barbell Russian Twist
5. Swiss Ball Crunch*
6. Leg Raise*
7. Flutter Kick*
8. Side Plank Right
9. Horizontal Cable Woodchop
10. Side Leg Raises*
11. Medicine Ball Russian Twist*
12. Medicine Ball Mountain Climber
13. Pike to Superman
14. Plank*
15. Pull Up to Knee Raise
16. TRX Pushup Rocket
17. Resistance Band Reverse Crunch*
18. Swiss Ball Rollout
19. Medicinal Ball Seated Knee Tuck*
20. Side Plank Left
22. Sit Up and throw (Partner Needed)
23. Star Plank
24. Straight-Leg Barbell Sit Up
25. Suitcase Dumbbell Deadlift
26. Swiss Ball Plank Circle
27. Swiss Ball V-Up and Pass
28. Medicinal Ball V-Up
29. Weighted Situp
30. Half Kneeling Chop

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