10 Ways To Make a Small Home More Livable

by - May 09, 2018

We can’t have everything in life. Sometimes, we’re limited by our financial situation, circumstances, or the fact that we’ve just fallen for something, even though it’s not the most practical. Take a small home. Society tells us that we should try to get a big property, but that’s not always possible. In any case, some people like the small and cosy, rather than the large and soulless. Still, a small house can pose its problems. But perhaps those problems don’t have to be quite as pronounced as you might think. Below, take a look at ten ways you can make your small space a little bit larger and more comfortable.

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Mix Up The Rooms

You have a limited number of rooms in your home. If they all just flow into one another, and there’s no clear division between any of them, then you might find that your home feels cramped and just one small mess. As such, it’s much better to make all of your rooms different. Assign each of them a clear identity, and you’ll feel like you’re walking into a different world every time you change rooms. Plus, this gives you a license to get creative and be bold: how many different colors of paint can your walls have?

All About Perception

Of course, size is all relative. If you lived in a tiny house, then a home with two or three bedrooms would seem positively gigantic. And indeed, you can even trick your mind to make your property appear bigger than it actually is. You can start with mirrors; hang these in your narrow hallways, and they’ll look much wider. Combine them with natural light, and your house will look enormous! OK, we’re exaggerating slightly, but you get the idea.

Double Up Uses

Who says a table just has to be a table? Could it also be a storage unit, too? With people living in increasingly small apartments, there has been a wave of creative solutions to free up space and make a property more livable, and much of this creativity has gone into making one object do more than one thing. Some people hang their wooden chairs on the wall, which they use for storage...or, that is, until they want to sit down. At which point they take them off the wall, and use them for their “original purpose.”

Inventive Storage

You probably have a lot more space than you realise, especially when it comes to storage. For example, take a look at your kitchen. Is there a section of the cupboard space that just isn’t being utilized? (if you’re looking for it, it usually resides in the corners of the cupboard sections. You can take these pieces out, add a creative shelf, and hey presto, you’ve just gained some more storage! Elsewhere in the home, there’s also under the stairs, under the bed, under your tables...under everything, basically.

Free Up Space

Your property might offer much more than you think it offers. If you have a garage, then you have a large space where you can store just about all of your belongings when they’re not being used. How much space would this free up in the living areas of your home? A lot, we bet. Normally, people use their garages to store their car, but they can be put to much better use than just providing your car with its own bedroom. Instead, keep your car outside; if you’re worried about keeping them safe, then carports provide excellent levels of protection. In so doing, you’ll have made your small home much bigger. And you’ll barely have done anything at all!

R.C. Willey
Source: Pexels.com

Use Your Dead Space

Sure, if you’re looking at just your floor, then you might not have much space. But why focus on just the floor that you’re standing on? You’ve got much more space in each of your rooms; it’s just that it’s located more vertically than your floor. They’re called walls, and they’re awesome. Instead of thinking of your space width ways, think height ways! What can’t be placed on the floor can be hung from the wall. Shelves were invented for a reason, you know!

Have a Clear Out

We know, we know, sometimes an item for sale just jumps out at you, and you must have it. But if you impulse buy enough, then you might find that you’re finding it difficult to find space for all the material items you’ve acquired. So let’s take the bold approach: get rid of it. If you haven’t used the item for six months or more, then give it to a charity shop or put it up for sale. You’re not using it, and it’s taking up valuable space in a small home. When it comes to small properties, there’s a lot to be said for adopting the minimalist approach.

Use Your Outdoor Options

There’s a reason why people living in tiny homes don’t go crazy: it’s because they have easy access to the outdoors! If you have a yard area, then work on making that space essentially another “room” on the property. You can set up an outdoor seating area, make it feel homey, and just like that you’ll have a living area where you can spend all your spring and summer evenings. It won’t get much use in the winter, though, except for those crisp bluebird days.

Sliding Doors

Doors can be a little bit annoying. They’re always swinging out or in, and that means they take up more valuable floor space than they need to do. So think a little differently. Instead of traditional doors, why not opt for sliding doors instead? You’ll lose none of the function but gain some much-needed space.

Get Creative

Finally, remember that there are no rules when it comes to homes. So put on your creative thinking cap, and have a think about ways you can make your small home feel a little less small. Those, mixed with our ideas, will create a property that seems much larger!

R.C. Willey

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