Sculpting Your Dream Body

by - April 02, 2018

If you think about your dream body, what does it look like? Everyone has a different area of what perfection is to them. But in general people are after a figure that is toned, curves in the right places, and glowing skin that everyone is after. Achieving this however isn’t always as easy as you might think. There are so many curve balls that we face in life in terms of distractions that keep us away from having our dream bodies. To try and make yours more achievable, we’ve designed some ways that will be perfect for sculpting your dream body.

Diet Changes

This is the most important thing that you need to concentrate on. What you’re putting into your body is going to massively effect how you look on the outside. So, if you want to sculpt a toned body, the best thing you can do is fill your diet with as much protein and veg as possible. You should also look to slim down beforehand by using supplements to speed up the process. Garcinia Cambogia reviewed here shows why it is one of the best dietary supplements to use. Focus on your micros and macros and tracking them, there are plenty of apps on both the Google Play store and the Apple store. Monitoring these will allow you to maintain the perfect body weight, as long as it is coupled with the right amount of exercise. If you’re a vegetarian, there are plenty of ways to supplement your diet with the protein it needs. There’s the option of tofu, protein shake, veg such as broccoli and asparagus, as well as nuts. In terms of exercise, there’s a big difference between doing the right and doing it right which is what we’ll explore next.

Fitness Routines

If you’re looking to tone up, the best thing you can do at the gym is weights rather than cardio. Whilst cardio is great for you, it’ll only help you lose weight quickly rather than tone up. Weights help you do both, the process is just a little longer. You should rotate the body parts you’re doing each day at the gym to give your muscles time to repair. For example, one day you could do abs and lower back, the next you could do upper back and chest. Make sure you’re giving yourself enough rest days to recover, no more than three a week however. To tone up, the best thing to do is use lower weights but do more reps. Doing higher weights on lower reps is a way of building muscle.

That Natural Glow

Your diet is going to play a massive part in your overall appearance. The cleaner you’re eating, the more clear and radiant your skin is going to be. As bad as sunbeds are for your skin, you could go on two or three times a week to gradually build up a nice healthy glow. As long as you’re not abusing them, you shouldn’t do too much damage to your skin.

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